When you open up your closet, most of us want to see an idyllic closet that rays of sunshine beams out of and angels sing from when you open the door. You envision everything being in its place and complete order, so that you can find just what you want to wear in seconds. Everything is organized, the shirts are neatly folded and piled up, clothes are neat and evenly spaced on hangers, your underwear is organized inside the closet drawer and everything else has its proper place.

Unfortunately, what you probably see when you open the closet door is far from utopia. Some stuff is likely well organized, but other stuff is kinda strew together in a pile and a few of the clothes may have worked their way from the hangers to the floor. And let’s not get started on the subject of how many things in your closet you actually wear versus what you bought 10 years ago, would die before you actually put it on but somehow just can’t stand to let it go.

As much as we wish everything would just magically arrange itself in your closet, that is surely never ever going to happen. (Although if you find a fairy or elf who could be rented for such services, I’m all ears.) You have to do it the hard way, meaning that all the hard work is on you.

Here are some sources that we have put together for you to help you start with organizing your closet:

  1. 10 Tips For Organizing Your Closets — If you need some hacks and tips to get you started with your new dream closet, these tips from CNN are going to be invaluable. From ways to organize your shoes to sorting by color, this quick read is a great place to start.
  2.  Tips and Tricks for Organizing a Closet — If you have more stuff than you have space for in your closet, you might want to start getting rid of things. But with kids, it’s not always that simple since they tend to have a lot of clothes that they actually wear. A lot of times, getting it all into the closet is just a matter of resourcefulness and creativity to fit everything with the space that you have. This site also has a printable worksheet that you can make use of as you start organizing your closet.

  3. Storage Solutions for Small Bedrooms —  If having a small bedroom is holding you back from having all of your clothes accessible to you, then it’s time to get a bit more creative. This slideshow from BHG features a number of smart ways that will allow you to store everything you need to from shoes to clothes to jewelry.
  4.  Closet Organization Guide — This guide goes a bit more deeply into everything you need to do and think about if you want an organized closet. And if you’ve only got 10 or 20 minutes to make a fast impact, there’s a guide for that too.
  5.  20 Ways to Organize Your Bedroom Closet — These 20 ways may just be what you need to get everything in your closet in proper order. Pick and choose what works best for you, like using an umbrella stand to hold odd items like a yoga mats adding lights in a dark corner.
  6. Clever Closets Around the House — Put your closets all over the house to good use as you transform them into extra storage spaces for all your family’s stuff.
  7. Storage: How to Triple Your Closet Storage Space — Build your own closet organizer instead of buying one with the use of a simple design featured in this site. After one weekend, you will have your new organizer to fit in your closet.
  8. Clever Storage Solutions You’d Never Expect — We all need storage, but sometimes you can create great storage places with everyday household items which you might even have laying around your home already.
  9. Organization: The Closet — With easy-to-build boxes, organizing your closet can be easier. The box system featured here can and will be a simple yet ideal solution to your closet organizing problems. Now, all the clutter is going to be cleared away.
  10. Ideas for Strategic Organization and Storage — Let go of the traditional closets that most homes have. Now it’s time for you to use your imagination and configure your closet in the way that fits your needs.
  11. 10 Closet Spaces and How to Organize Them — You might expect closets to be messy and disorganized but it doesn’t always have to be that way. Turn your closet spaces not only organized but also beautiful at the same time. Learn about the 10 closet spaces you can create plus 10 cool closet organizers ideas right here.
  12. Organizing Tips — If you struggle with just how many clothes your kids need (which always seem to multiple in our house) or maximizing space in a tiny bedroom, you’ve got to read these great tips.