Curb appeal is essential if you’re trying to sell your home. Many prospective buyers will do a quick drive-by before they call for a showing, so your home is always on display whether you know it or not. If the exterior is appealing, you’ll get far more interest in the rest of the property. You don’t have to sink a fortune into the house to achieve a stunning look on the outside. Use these affordable tricks to increase curb appeal on a budget.


Make the Address Numbers Pop

The address numbers on your home are the first thing prospective buyers will look for. After all, this is what distinguishes your house from the neighbors’ and lets people know that they’ve found the right place. Since you know that anyone looking at your home will locate those digits right away, they’re a great place to start ramping up your curb appeal.

Do you have bright, clean numbers on the house? Does their style match the architecture? At the very least, you can remove and polish the numbers on the front of your home. Replacing them is a quick and low-cost job if they’re not up to par. Make sure you add a fresh coat of paint behind them if needed, so you can’t see the lingering outline of the last set.

Paint Your Front Door

Painting the front door doesn’t take much effort, but the effect on your curb appeal can be tremendous. Consider changing the color of the door if your homeowner’s association allows it. A bright red or sunny yellow can transform the look of your home. While you’re at it, look into changing the door knob or knocker if these elements could use an upgrade. The shiny new installations will really pop against your freshly painted backdrop.


Enhance Your Landscaping

Beautiful landscaping will instantly boost your home’s exterior appeal. Keeping your lawn neat and green is only the start. You can take things further by making sure the driveway and walkway are free of cracks. If you don’t have any exterior lighting, add some to illuminate the home both by day and by night. Adding flowers, bushes, or trees can enhance the landscape beautifully as well.

Landscaping is an uncertain guessing game to play. Use a handy app like iScape for instant visualization of your design as well as helpful tips on completing the job. This app will turn your smartphone into an invaluable tool for pinpointing the right upgrades. You can use the large Retina HD display on your iPhone 6s to experiment with different looks before you start buying supplies, and identify which approach gives you the most impact for the lowest price.

Update Your Mailbox

You probably pay little attention to your mailbox, but this is another element that gets a lot of attention from drive-by home shoppers. Avoid anything that’s too quirky or personalized. While this might be a personal touch for you as a homeowner, it’s not what buyers are looking for. You want to show them a mailbox that’s simple, traditional, and attractive. Aim for something that suits the home’s overall style and architecture.

If installing a new mailbox is outside your budget, give your current one a good wash or a fresh coat of paint. Make sure that any address numbers on the box are neat and readily visible, and that surrounding grass or landscaping is immaculately maintained.


Simplify Window Hangings

Take some time to really study your windows from the outside and make a note of what you see. Do you have broken blinds? Are your curtains colored on the side facing the windows? Are there knickknacks on the sill? The best way to add curb appeal to your windows is to simplify them. Use window hangings that are white on the outward-facing side, and strive for a matching style. Repair all your blinds so they’re neat and straight. Remove clutter from the windows and keep the glass clean and free from decorative window clings or other elements.

Remember that home shoppers are looking for a blank slate that they can paint their own memories on. If you’re adding curb appeal for the purposes of selling, remove those touches of personalization and offer a neat, clean look that prospective buyers can easily mold to suit their own styles.