No Ordinary Homestead is published by me, Tiffany Muehlbauer (you can contact me here.) I am a passionate woman in my early-30’s who enjoys being a mom, wife and entrepreneur. About 14 years ago, I began fulfilling my dreams of becoming a successful business owner with my husband. We have always been the types to put multiple pots on the fire at once, and still continue those ideas today.

In 2008, I became a full-time mom in addition to running our full-time businesses. It quickly became apparent that I could not just keep up my old routine. I was getting nothing done and feeling guilty for not being with my daughter enough and for not getting enough work done. I knew I would need to find a way to balance family, business and home in a natural and healthy way…and once I achieved that, I knew I just had to share it with you.

I was born and mostly raised around Houston, Texas; spent my high school years in Northern Virginia and met my husband while studying at the University of Miami (Go Canes!!) After graduation in 2001, we hopped the “pond” to try out life in Germany…for what we thought would be only 2-3 years. After 12 years abroad, we made our way back to the US and have settled in Southwest Florida where we are loving life.

NOH, started in 2006, began as a way for us to let our friends in family around the world keep up with all that we were doing. In the beginning it was actually 4 blogs that I was writing to detail various aspects of our lives. It innocently began with the addition of a Newfoundland dog to our home, and shortly thereafter, we bought our 1830’s farmhouse near Frankfurt. In mid-2012, just 6 years later, we decided to make a major change in our lives and moved to the middle of Berlin into an apartment which we adore. And in late 2013, we completed the circle and moved back to Naples, Florida. We love it here so much, we even started our first local website here, devoted to Naples Florida restaurants.

My husband and I have been running businesses together almost since the day we met in March 2000.  In 2001, we started a  natural bath & body care company because all of our friends were spreading the news about the products we’d made for them on the side, and we knew it was time to get professional. In mid-2010, we began our digital marketing business, and in 2011, we decided to form arma communications so we could reach out to other small- and medium-sized businesses like our own who needed guidance i order to achieve their dreams and goals. I also have my real estate license to sell Naples FL real estate and we have a company that does Home Watch in Naples FL too (which is a business people living outside of tourist areas rarely think of!)

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  1. says

    Your blog sounds delightful and I’m looking forward to reading more. Especially about the Newf…we had a St. Bernard for 5 years and loved her (although she was super hyper!). However, if we ever get crazy enough to get a dog again, I’m leaning towards a Newfie and would love to hear someone’s thoughts about it who already has one!

    • Tiffany says

      You can catch Ayla, our Newfie, here every Wednesday when she guest posts…and there’s lots of post from our first months and year with Ayla since it was quite a tribulation! I had a separate blog about her then, written by me instead of her, and Newfie puppies are really challenging. But she’s 4 now and just the most gentle, loving, silly dog ever. Feel free to ask away about Newfies :)

  2. Charlie Sommers says

    I am an old retired meat cutter living an acceptable life in the outskirts of Nashville, Tennessee. My Japanese wife and I lost our adorable poodle to old age about twenty years ago and, because of limited space in out mobile home, only have cats as pets. We have three which I have collectively named, “The Three Kitties of the Apocalypse.”

    I lived in rural Sumner County, Tn. for a number of years after having served in the military for 14 years. I did a lot of gardening then and was practically self sufficient in both veggies and meat. I look forward to participating in this blog.

  3. says

    I am SO excited to have happened upon your blog! My husband and I have just relocated to Germany, but I am a farmgirl at heart from Iowa. Looking forward to reading your posts…I’m all about sustainable, healthy living and am looking forward to our new life here in Germany.

  4. Annie says

    Hi Tiffany,
    Love your site, and eager to see it come back. I am a little older than you, oh heck I could be your MOM. LOL. I am single, live in British Columbia Canada and I work at a Music Academy as assistant admin. I have a sweet apartment, live with a friend who is like myself single, making our way in the world. I have 2 grown sons, both married and successful, but they live back east in Ontario. I have a grand total of 7 grand children. 4 blood ones(2 boys,two girls), one super adopted young man who has been with us since he was 2 and he is now heading for 14, and two native foster grand daughters. I have been married (24 yrs, divorced (twice) and widowed (once). I have lived in Ontario most of my life but having moved out to BC a few years ago, I fell madly in love with the mountains and the ocean. I have a wonderful gent friend, he is from Washington state, we spend weekends together and enjoy life. I love to hike, take pictures of where I go, yes life is good. So there ya have it, I want to live everyday to the fullest, and not miss a thing!!!! :) I will understand if you feel we perhaps do not have anything in common, but I think your site is awesome, get it back up and running girl!!!! We need ya!!!!

  5. says

    Hi there! I was attracted to your site by your gravatar – your house looks a lot like mine LOL!
    I am British/German and have lived in various parts of Switzerland for most of my life so it’s fun to see what expats do… I’m never quite sure myself what I am!!

    • Tiffany says

      Oh, our house DOES look a lot like yours! How cute. Switzerland is so beautiful. We lived in Zurich for about a month right after we moved to Germany. We were tempted to stay…but my husband’s company wanted us back in Frankfurt. So glad you found my blog and looking forward to reading more of your blog. :)

  6. Ruthie Clark says

    Sounds like you are my type of people.I am quite a bit older than you but love to grow or produce almost everything we use.Am open to any new ideas you are never too old or too young to learn

  7. louiepogi says

    i have a close friend who’s an agriculturist, we’ve started gardening a month ago but still no plants yet… I was involved in a fish culture up to now here in our place, lived in a tropical country… I go with my friend coz i really love agri side, hope you can help us in making beautiful backyard garden…

  8. Tericronin says

    Tiffany, what a great blog! I stumbled on it while soaking up all I can about more sustainable urban gardening and aeroponic vertical gardnening. I am trying my hand with a new system called the Tower Garden ( http://www.igrowgreen.towergarden.com ) that many friends have has great success with, using less space, water and nutrients as traditional gardening. We have friends who moved to Germany as well; she was a native and he is an expat- them and thier 5 kids now! Happy growing!

    • says

      Those Tower Gardens look really neat. Very similar to the strawberry towers a lot of people try out when getting into hydro- and aquaponics. But since the PVC piping is usually more narrow than these towers, it limits what you can grow in them. Best of luck with your gardening adventures! And I’m so glad you took a moment to comment!

  9. Angela says

    Hi, I live in the West Indies so the weather here is hot. I have tried so many times growing herbs and spend so much money on fungicides that I decided to look for something natural and came across your blog. I just mixed a batch of your organic fungicide and will take it from there. I have a basil plant that was doing beautifully, then I started getting brown spots on the leaves. I actually bought a fungicide Carbendazim but read the label and decided against using it. I am so happy that I have found your blog. As soon as I am finished here I’m going to dig in. Thank you, for the recipe.

  10. Marla says

    HI, I live in Los Angeles, I came across your website while doing research on how to organize my thousands of recipes. I just put my first one in evernote!

  11. says

    Thank you for sharing your blog. I would like to send you an interesting book on Sex and Mysticism to hear your thoughts. You can find it at Mysticpete.com but I would like to send you a free copy. It’s all about opening our heart centers to create better relationships around us :)

  12. Oneillshannonpt says

    Hello and nice to finally find you. i am also an American living in Germany….I was born and raised in Blacksburg, VA and then worked my way up to Med school at medical college of GA..and thereafter lived and worked for years in Atlanta, GA.  Anyways, we’re here now (bavaria). And, I must say that i have yet to find a really good steak, ie nothing that compares to the US. The meat is so tough, no matter what the cut…even the fillets, really!
    Nonetheless, that is really not my biggest worry. I was diagnosed with celiac’s disease right before we moved to germany. Soo my biggest challenge is to find excellent gluten free products/options. I’ve come up with quite a lot on my own..but am always interested in other opinions.

  13. kantuckee says

    Hi Tiffany, I am an American living in the hills of Southeastern Kentucky. This is our retirement home. I have lived all over the states at one time or another. I wonder if you have come across anything that would help an atypical Iritis. It stems from a nasal polyp that I have only found in the last couple of years. It is blocking the sinus drainage and causing flair up. I can’t get rid of it lately because I can’t kill the infection in the blocked area. Will your oil help?

    • says

      Hi there,
      I’m not actually sure it will. Were you referring to the Thieve Oil blend? Or a different recipe? I’m not sure of the effectiveness of essential oils in this instance, but you might want to look into colloidal silver. It has many uses and I saw a few things online about using it for polyps. But I recommend you find a generator to make it yourself versus buying it online because it’s usually WAY overpriced.
      All the best!

      • kantuckee says

        I’m sorry, yes the Thieve Oil was what I was referring to. I have a source for colloidal silver and use it with salt water but it runs out too fast. It does keep everything hydrated very well but doesn’t penetrate. I think I am going to try the Thieve oil because nothing the doctor has works. Thanks.

  14. sbrunner says

    Hi Tiffany, I just stumbled over your blog looking for a pantry moth solution. We are a German-American family living in Austin – saw that you are from Houston. Actually, my family is from Berlin and my mom still lives there. I enjoyed reading through your eclectic collection of posts. I have so many interests that I find myself publishing in too many different places. Always envied people who have a streamlined blog just talking about one topic. Glad to see other people who have thoughts on so many things. — Stefan

    • says

      It’s amazing how the internet makes the world seem so much smaller sometimes, right? What a lot of similarities. We thought about moving to Austin at one point as well. :)

      Thanks for stopping by NOH and I’m glad you enjoyed reading about our adventures. Life takes each of us in so many directions at once. :)

  15. Mandy says

    Hello, I have a question about the Weck jars you mentioned in a post from a couple of years ago. I live in Germany, near Kaiserslautern. Are there any stores that sell them that may be in my area? Thanks for any help, I have really like visiting your blog/site.

  16. Tanja says

    Hallo Tiffany, wir haben uns letztes Jahr in Büdesheim kennengelernt. Wir haben uns euren wunderschönen Hof angeschaut. Ist er nun verkauft? Bitte gib uns eine kurze Nachricht. Liebe Grüße aus Frankfurt! Tanja

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