The last four days have been wonderful. Stefan didn’t have to work on December 31st or January 1st so we had a nice little 4 day weekend, with no long trips planned or visits from anyone scheduled. We got to sleep in until 9 or so and prepared big, yummy breakfasts every morning. It was so nice.

I got to use my KitchenAid for the first time while making pancakes. But I have to say that the minute or so that it took to mix the pancake batter was definitely not satisfying. The batter looked so insignificant in that big 4.5 quart bowl. If I had everything I needed to make something else right then and there, I would have. Oh well, I’ll be using it a bit more today. But let me state for the record that it is AWESOME! 🙂 And my kitchen is going to stay so much cleaner every Thanksgiving when pumpkin pies are made!

Stefan also got to try out one of his new toys…which we’ve had in its box for several months. Lidl had a teppanyaki grill on sale for €29,99 and I picked one up. We’ve needed something more like a griddle for a long while, because making pancakes in a frying pan (no matter how huge the thing is) is just not the same. He threw some bacon on there first which was done in approximately 2 minutes, even on the lowest setting.

The pancakes also didn’t take long on the griddle but unfortunately it has a slight bow so they came out a bit flat on one side. It didn’t affect their taste though. They were heavenly. We’ve missed making breakfasts lately. We used to do it a lot when we first moved here but with all the crazy going on in the last couple years, time and routines were lost. But since I could barely keep Stefan from pulling other things out of the fridge to try out on the teppanyaki grill, I think I can convince him that we should start a Sunday morning breakfast tradition again. It’s nice to spend that time as a family not worrying about rushing out to do this or that. In Germany you can’t do any shopping or loud work outside on Sundays anyway. And breakfast IS the most important meal of the day…although it will usually be brunch.

Mackenzie certainly seemed to enjoy all of it and she is getting so good about feeding herself. Poor Ayla barely gets anything from the table, now, because Mack isn’t dropping much. She is a fiend for bacon…and prefers her pancakes without syrup. She also got to have one of our favorite decadent breakfasts for the first (and second times): potato pancakes with smoked salmon, sour cream and caviar. SO good. She definitely agrees.