Hubby tends to take over blogging responsibilities during the weekend by hijacking the laptop so we forgot to mention a few things as we randomly posted blogs yesterday.

Saturday was a pretty good day for us. We went to IKEA in the morning and finally managed to get the cabinet which goes under our sink in the new bathroom upstairs. This has been a major mission and about our fourth attempt to try to get this thing so we are quite happy to be done with that. We also received a post card in the mail earlier last week to let us know that the remaining pieces of our kitchen were also finally there. These are just pieces to make it all look prettier but we are very happy to finally not need to visit that store for a little while. We also took back a few things which we had left over from the kitchen installation and the faucet for the kitchen sink which isn’t compatible with the stand-alone water heater since it doesn’t have enough connection hoses. So we’ll need to locate another faucet we like in the next little while.

After our IKEA trip, we also made another close inspection of the gate outside which decided to stop working earlier last week. We’re still not exactly sure where the problem is but we have pretty much ruled out the fuse box which the handyman, Robert, thought was hooked up to it. As far as we can tell, that fuse box actually controls the lights which come on when the bell at the front gate is rung. The lights come on so that if you are in another part of the house and don’t hear the buzzer, you may still notice the lights coming on. Quite practical but for some reason they want to stay on all the time so we may indeed need a fuse for that anyway. The good news about the gate is that we also find a manual release (we knew there had to be some way to get the doors open without electricity), so we can at least get the very full storage container picked up finally. Slowly but surely we’re figuring out all the little things we need to know about the gates and doors in the house but it’s taking us a while. We may actually end up having to replace the opening device on the gate outside which isn’t something we wanted to do right away and will almost certainly require an electrician. But at least we can get the door open now without a lot of chaos.

Since it has been raining pretty much all weekend (and it still is), hubby didn’t make any attempts to get on the roof to fix the satellite. But he does have it in his mind again that he’s going to fix the problem so perhaps we’ll get to that next weekend if it’s dried out around here a bit.

We also did a bit of house cleaning (not nearly enough) and just getting things settled in general. It will still be a long while before there are no more boxes living amongst us but things could be much worse. We have pretty much found everything so far and should we need to locate something, we are pretty quick at finding the box it is in (excluding the speaker cables which have gone completely missing in action).