Ayla is going on vacation over Easter. We’re going to Locarno, Switzerland, to do some climbing, enjoy a bit of Italian atmosphere and hopefully some beautiful weather, too. We’re staying in a two-room apartment in the middle of the city which we stayed at last year. But we didn’t have Ayla yet so this will be a weekend of several firsts. This will be Ayla’s first time staying a hotel and our first weekend climbing with her. We have no idea how she’s going to deal with the climbing but she does pretty well when we tie her up within eyesight of us and work around the house so she should be ok. But she seems to be having a growth spurt or something later and she’s been pretty aggressive to hubby and just being a royal PITA.

This dog is getting far too expensive these days! I almost regret thinking about going into the details but let’s just say she chewed on the front bumper of hubby’s car today which was interesting to say the least. Last week she ate a my sunglasses which I’ve had forever and loved. She actually started on them a while ago but they were still wearable. Now the lenses are completely gone and the frames are broken and bent way out of shape, not to mention heavily decorated with bite marks. We also lost a calculator to her last week which she stole out of the office…her favorite place to steal from. We’ve got a door now to close the office off but the door buzzer is also in there so keeping the door closed all the time can be a problem. But we did buy a hook eye thing to prop the door open like we did upstairs so this will work until we decide if we’re moving the door buzzer or whatever.

Anyway, the apartment owners know we’re bringing a dog but they don’t know she’s a 110 pound Newfie so we’re a bit nervous about them seeing her. Hopefully if/when they do, they will fall in love with her and not freak out…and hopefully she doesn’t act like a freak either 🙂

Ayla also got to meet the neighbor that lives behind us today. She thought she was the cutest thing ever and mentioned that she’s never heard her barking. She couldn’t believe it at all and mentioned that she should have heard her today, barking at the vacuum while I was cleaning out my Defender. But apparently the barn blocks out a lot of noise…thank goodness!