Yesterday, we decided to start painting out bathroom door, the first of many doors in the house which will be repainted. We didn’t want to take it all the way out to the barn so we laid it across the bathtub to paint it there. But keeping the dog out of the room became an interesting challenge with no door to block her…and she eventually managed to get paint on her tail, hind quarters, back and nose. All of them were just from her brushing up again the door or door frame here or there but the funniest is the one on her hind quarters which is about 8 inches long. She must have hit the door frame there because it’s just too long, thin stripes down her side. I tried to take a photo of it but she’s camera shy these days…but in the sunny area, there is a strip that looks like it’s ruffled strangely…that’s the paint.

This is not her first painting experience and it probably won’t be her last…but we really did have to laugh at how funny she looked. We were hoping we wouldn’t run into anyone on the walk so we didn’t have to explain how this could have happened…personally, I’m suspecting that Ayla was trying to become a Landseer like her sister…they might even be plotting to switch places on us. 🙂

Ayla has been doing her best to be as helpful as possible. Yesterday she not only helped daddy grill the steaks for dinner…

but she also helped him hold down the couch later on which is a very hard task.

And this morning, she was using her head to help dust out some cobwebs. Now how can I refuse that sort of help?