Small properties and North-facing homes, like our own condo, can be a little on the dark side if not properly decorated. But if your home is currently a maze of dim light and shadows, fear not, as there are many simple ways to brighten everything up.

  1. Invest in top hung windows
    If you love your pokey little home, but could really do with a few more rays shining through your sloped-ceiling bedroom, how about investing in top hung VELUX windows? These are perfect for small spaces as they open outwards from the top hinge, giving you an unobstructed view of the outside without invading your much-needed inside space. When every inch of space counts, this window design is of paramount importance and will help brighten your home effortlessly.
  1. Don’t block the windows
    This might sound obvious, but try not to block your windows in any way by putting sofas, tables or any other items of furniture in front of them. Of course, if your property is small it can be difficult to know how to arrange your belongings, but always keep sources of light free if possible. As well as furniture, be aware of heavy curtains as while these will prevent draughts and ensure your property stays cozy, they should be properly tied back during the day to maximize light.
  1. Opt for glass doors
    While solid doors are long-lasting and visually stunning, doors with glass panels are much more effective for small properties as they provide a natural source of light that will make all the difference within a tiny living environment. From glass front doors to stylish glazed oak doors that can be used throughout your property, there are many options to choose from, so it’s well-worth weighing up your options before investing.
  1. Take down unnecessary walls
    If you’ve got the budget to make a few structural changes to your property, why not knock through any walls which you believe are causing unnecessary divisions and blocking out light? Turning two rooms into one can instantly brighten your home allowing light from windows and doors to pass more easily through your living space. Widening doorways can also have the same effect, so perhaps get hold of a reputable architect and discuss your options. We just widened a doorway from our kitchen into a dining room and it has made a huge different!
    Don’t have the money for any significant changes right now? Then why rush? The last thing you want to do is put yourself out of pocket for a home renovation that can wait – but in the meantime, how about downloading a budgeting app and saving for the improvements you want to make? When you reach your goal you’ll feel so proud and will be able to revamp your space one step at a time.
  1. Make the most of mirrors
    One of the best ways to maximise the natural light in your home is to make the most of mirrors by positioning them carefully. When a mirror is placed adjacent to a window it will mimic the window and make it seem like you’ve got more windows in your property than you actually have. When a mirror is placed opposite a window it will reflect the natural light as well as whatever is going on outside – again, giving the impression of another window.

Adding natural light to a small home may seem like a challenge but it’s perfectly possible. You might also want to try making wise paint selections or playing with lighting options.

Do you have a small space that you’ve made seem bigger? Share your trick with us below.