Buying a new house is bliss, and it feels even better when you move in. But once you move in, you will have a lot on your hands. Although you have your plate full, there is one major thing you shouldn’t overlook and that is your home security. Let the following tips help you make your home as secure as possible.

Get New Locks

When you move into a new home, you need to change or rekey the locks everywhere. An old lock is a disaster waiting to happen. Since you have newly moved in, you have no idea who has the old keys. Therefore, you have to establish control by changing every lock and assure your well-being.


Points of Entry

It will be a lot better if you check every point of entry thoroughly after you have rekeyed or changed the locks. You need to check all windows to ensure they are locked properly. Look for weak points and areas that are more hidden from the street or neighbor view which could be used to gain entry near windows and doors. Add motion-sensor lights or cameras to blind spots. This will help to deter any wannabe intruder and give you a better sense of security.


Install a New Security System

Modern security systems come in handy to keep the bad guys out. However, you need to make sure your old one functions properly and is able to be hooked up to a monitoring service. If not, a new security system for your new home will be necessary since you old system is a liability. There are lots of new wireless and smart technology options for home security well worth researching.


Property History

Before you even make the purchase, you can call the respective local authorities and dig up information about the local area, and the home’s community. It’s a no-brainer for the real estate market as buying a home is one of your biggest investments.

You may call the local law enforcement to see if there is some criminal history. It will be better to learn about previous break-ins or crimes before you purchase, even though the agent should disclose certain information to you before you buy. This will give you a better idea about how to secure your home better or if there is a history or issues in your home or neighborhood.

You have to feel secure in your home. Therefore you may have to make some drastic moves.

Dealing with Strangers

It’s understandable, you just move in, and your neighbors are curious to meet you and find out about you. But you can’t let everyone in. Unfortunately, admitting strangers in your home could cost you. So be smart and don’t admit everyone into your home.

Burglars use creative lies like these to gain entrance and work their magic after seeing a moving van parked at your curb. The fact is, they need a closer look and will try to get in, scoop the whole house, see your bedroom, and evaluate which places to search for valuables. In most cases, they know your home inside out before they swoop in to finish the job.


Moving is exciting and wonderful, but don’t open yourself up to vulnerabilities in today’s crazy world. Although most people are good, some are just out there looking to prey on others. Play it smart and always trust your instincts!