Leftover steak sandwiches

After I posted about how much we’d enjoyed the grillades we made with T-bone steak leftovers, Charlie Sommers, whose comments you may have seen before full of incredible recipe suggestions, told me that his favorite thing to make with steak leftovers are sandwiches, especially when it’s the larger roast side of the t-bone.

If you have leftovers from this great piece of meat, cooked medium or medium rare, just slice it paper thin, let it warm to room temperature, then pile it on a toasted baguette, kaiser roll, or any good bread that has been buttered quite heavily.

Accompany with mustard or ginger pickles, homemade of course, and wash down with a glass of good cabernet or maybe a nice Argentinian malbec.

Now honestly, that sounds really awesome. And if I ever get the chance to dine at Charlie’s house, you know I won’t hesitate to be there.

So the other day, I whipped up some fresh homemade hamburger buns and we went to town on the steak. We came up with our own very tasty steak sandwich, and I’m sure the possibilities are nearly endless. The important thing is that the leftover steak isn’t already overcooked (medium-rare or medium at the most), cut it while it’s still cold to get nice thin strips and, if possible, don’t warm up the steak because it tends to get really chewy. Just let it warm up on its own to room temperature.

We do microwave our steak for about a minute (which is plenty) before adding it to the buns and if we have a really good BBQ sauce that we’ve made handy, I’ll sometimes pour that over the steak before warming it so it gets really moist and flavor infused.

steak leftovers sandwichWe lightly toasted the buns, loaded each sandwich up with about 1/4 pound of leftover steak, added a couple slices of mozzarella cheese and then popped the bottom into the microwave for about 30 seconds to melt the cheese. Then we topped the sandwich with a bit of lettuce, ketchup and mayo. I also added some A1 Sweet & Tangy steak sauce (since we haven’t been smoking anything in our barrel smoker lately and have a really low stash of BBQ sauces now). Then we cooked up some French fries to serve along with it and called it a meal!

What would you put on your leftover steak sandwich?


  1. Charlie Sommers says

    Tiffany, Your sandwich looks delicious, the bun looks awesome. I haven’t baked for years but a trick I used to use for a wonderful crust on baguettes, or any other bread, was to bake them in an oven with a shallow pan of water under them. This sounds like it would have the reverse effect but I got the idea from a James Beard cookbook and it really works.

  2. grendel says

    Ugh! Out of baguettes. But perhaps toast whole grain bread slices, melt the mozzarella slightly on the bread, then thinly slice the steak, use a sandwich spread of mixed mayo and dijon on bread. Cracked pepper, top w/romaine and some thinly sliced radishes.

    • says

      We use Turkish baguettes from a local bakery which are much softer than the typical French ones. But a nice hearty homemade bread and your other variations sounds like a delicious idea. :)

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