After getting married or deciding to move in together, many couples face the conundrum of melding their individual, personal styles into a cohesive motif. He or she might be the love of your life but that doesn’t necessarily mean their design style quite lines up with yours.  In no place of the home is this more difficult than the bedroom. As bedrooms are meant to be personal oases from the outside world, it’s only natural both parties in the couple might have some strong opinions on how it should look and feel. If you’re looking for strategies in which to combine your individual tastes, use these guidelines as you begin your décor efforts.


Consider Your Non-Negotiables

You both may be moving in with personal, sentimental décor items and furniture pieces that are more than just material possessions. It’s easy to create an emotional attachment to our belongings, and it’s important to respect these attachments when attempting to meld your styles. Sit down and list your non-negotiables together. This way, you know which items you can compromise on and which of those are going to be untouchable.

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Take Part in the Purge

While there are some items that might be too difficult to part with, you’re going to have to give up quite a bit. Combining households means purging some of your excess items. Sort through all of your knick-knacks, take inventory of your furniture pieces before making the move, and decide how to discard your items. You might choose to host a garage sale to leave you with money that you can use to shop together for new décor, or you can donate your items to a local charity and make a difference in someone’s life. Purging out the non-essentials will make it much easier to create a cohesive look with the pieces you have left.


Reflect Both Passions

It’s likely that both parties have different passions, but these can and should both be reflected within the bedroom design. Is he a sports fanatic? Use an abstract painting of a sports field to combine her favorite art style with his favorite pastime. Does she have an affinity for any and all things floral? Instead of looking towards floral patterns, bring the real thing into the room. Order weekly deliveries of flowers that will improve the air quality and give you both a chance to take in some of nature’s best. Is a weekly delivery out of the budget? Consider these modern terrariums from Modern

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Masculine Base, Feminine Accents

Traditional mediums such as leather and wood tend to have a masculine appeal, and starting with these as a base can make it easier to meld contrasting design styles. Find a tailored leather sofa from USA leather furniture, use a dark wood headboard and try darker hues on the walls. Once this generally masculine base is in place, add smaller feminine touches to soften the look. It could be cream colored bedding, watercolor prints utilizing soft pastel colors, and decorative textiles that have a decidedly feminine feel.


Gender Neutral Colors

If he and she generally ascribe to gendered colors (think pink is feminine, brown is masculine) it’s probably in your best interest to stick to gender-neutral colors. One such option that many couples stick with is yellow. When it comes to mood, yellow promotes happiness and feelings of positivity, so if you’re looking to make your bedroom a communal place of joy, this could be the perfect option. Not huge fans of yellow? Consider green. This nature-invoking hue promotes a sensation of balance, and is used for calming and peaceful spaces. If you’re looking to create a tranquil resort out of your bedroom, green is the color of choice.


Combining his and her styles in the bedroom is no easy task, but with the right compromises and attention to detail, you can create a cohesive motif that reflects the best of both personal design preferences.