This morning we had to track down a package from LL Bean (a company which we really love) and unfortunately had to spend two hours in the customs office while they held our package hostage. FedEx has had the package for a month now and was actually going to ship the box back today. We arrived just in time to save it. They were supposedly trying to contact us via email and couldn’t find a phone number for us but we called them last week about the package and they told us to bring in the paperwork yet neglected to note anything in their computer. So it was marked to be returned to the sender and literally was on its way out when we arrived. Thankfully we did get to bring it home, though, after spending 140 euros on taxes. Talk about painful.

Needless to say this process took a lot longer than we’d hoped so most of our day was wasted. We did manage to remove the horse water troughs inside the horse stalls but still have a bit of piping to remove. We thought we’d managed to get it loose but apparently it’s got some weird fitting that isn’t letting the pipe go. Tomorrow we’ll have another go at it. We’ll also have to attack the steel gate mounted inside the horse stalls but we need a new flex disc first since none of the ones we have are for metal. Stefan already is planning to go to Hagebau to exchange some of the construction bricks we bought the other day for wider ones (to close up the windows in the horse stalls) so he’ll look for one then.

Tomorrow is also going to be a big day for deliveries here. We’re getting a new trash container before noon, the drywall and studs are also arriving in the morning and sometime during the day we’ll be getting glass door and insulation for the guest house. Very, very exciting to say the least. We’ll certainly have plenty of things to keep us busy when everything arrives. And if that isn’t enough, I’m also finally taking down the vines in the courtyard and planting the grapevines.

I promised a photos of the painted wall around the windows so enjoy! 🙂 We haven’t finished the trim around the windows, or the lower part – but it’s starting to look good.