At this time of the year, most people will take a look around their homes and wonder how they can give it a new lease of life without renovating completely.  Everybody gets bored from time to time with the décor of the home and will want to make changes, but it is important to remember that improving home appearance does not necessarily have to be a big undertaking.  The kitchen in particular is one of the easiest rooms to give a new look to without going to the expense of changing all the cupboards or re-tiling the whole space.

Change the walls

 In a kitchen that features wall cupboards, there is not necessarily a great deal to change on the walls.  But giving the walls a new coat of paint will take only a few hours, yet will change the look of the room completely.  Those who have walls in an original neutral shade might want to change the colour of just one wall in order to create a feature wall.  A bright colour on one wall will lift the room and create a focal point.  If the walls have been decorated with wallpaper, it is not a big task to change it.  Once in place, the fresh wallpaper will help give the room a whole new image.


Providing the kitchen cabinets are in fairly good condition, homeowners can get away with revamping them with just a few new accessories.  Change the handles on cupboard doors and drawers – this is a relatively easy process and does not have to cost a great deal of money.  Pick up vintage handles at antique stores or reclamation yards to give the home a period feel.  Alternatively, the kitchen can be given a modern lift with the use of minimalist-style handles.

Think about changing splash backs or tiling in the kitchen as well if the budget will stretch to it.  If the budget is limited and the homeowner is fairly confident in his or her DIY skills, then using tile paint will give the kitchen tiles a new look with very little effort.  Taps and other accessories are also a great feature to change, as these can quickly look old and dated.  Flooring is another important consideration; if the budget will not stretch to new flooring, add a bright rug instead.

Items such as microwaves, kettles and toasters are now no longer just functional items.  These can often be purchased in sets and in a variety of colour options.  Appliances can make a real difference to a room if the aim is to co-ordinate everything.  Pick up items in a bright colour such as lime green, pink or blue and see the difference that it can make.


The windows are often left until last, but if money is limited, then giving the room a new look can start here.  While blinds or curtains are one option, why not consider The Shutter Store for shutters instead?  Shutters have a very timeless appeal, will last a long time and are available in a number of styles, so finding one that will fit in with the rest of the décor will not be difficult.