We’ve rediscovered a website that we haven’t been on in a long time and it’s probably a bad thing. We’ve never bought anything from them but some of their products are just so incredible that I’m not sure why we haven’t. The price tags are quite steep so I’m sure that has something to do with it but the ideas are just great.

Some of the items on our new wish list:

Cat Genie Cat Box
Price: $299.99
This one comes with a very high price tag but it’s very ingenious and sure would make life a bit nicer. And if we did end up moving the kitty potty area to the laundry room, it would be the perfect setup. A self-cleaning cat box. I mean really, what can be better than that? And this one actually seems high-tech enough that the concept would work, unlike those that just sweep all the waste to one side or that you throw away the entire cat box tray. The refill stuff is comparable to what we already spend on disposal and litter…and not having the task every few days is certainly worth the price. There’s even a demo video of it in action as well as lots of other information about the product on their website CatGenie.com

OmniPro II Starter Kit
Price: $1699.99
Home automation starter kit. What could be better than that? This thing could control everything in our farm already which is a lot of ground to cover…and the pricing could be worse. Of course this is another one of those things that would only come much further down the line once all the other projects are done…but it sure would be fun lol.

Sites like this give lots of great inspiration and if we find something we really can’t live without, we always shop around before making a final decision. Most of their prices seem decent compared to retail but there are almost certainly better deals out there.