New York City is known around the world for its incredible sights. National monuments like the Empire State Building, the Brooklyn Bridge, and the Statue of Liberty attract tourists from all around the world each year. However, there are a few amazing, truly incredible, sights for those who are looking for something a little different in the City.

Panorama of the City of New York

Some say that New York City has the best views in the world. While this is true, the city is so large that it can be hard to see all at once. The Panorama of the City of New York is an incredible way to take in the entire city at once. Every detail, every inch, of the city is represented and you can even spot at your favorite pizza place or your apartment building.

Brooklyn Botanic Garden

Taking a double-decker tour bus around the borough will ensure that you see the city’s best sights, such as the Botanic Garden in the Bronx. However, if you want to avoid the crowd without missing out on the beauty, you’ll want to head over to Brooklyn Botanic Garden instead. From Lily Pools to wildflowers, this gorgeous garden has a complete variety of flora and fauna for a truly relaxing afternoon.

The Rooftop Gardens at the Rockefeller Center

Rockefeller is not exactly hidden away; it is actually one of the most popular spots in the city. However, a lesser known part of this iconic landmark is its gorgeous Rooftop Gardens. It serves as a relaxing rest from the busy city below, and has an incredible view of Manhattan. The Rooftop Gardens at Rockefeller Center is also available for private events such as weddings or parties.

Roosevelt Island Smallpox Hospital Ruins

The powerful buildings of New York are recognized the world over. However, have you wondered what happens to these iconic buildings when they are no longer necessary? In the 19th century, the Roosevelt Island Smallpox Hospital was crucial in New York’s history, as the city suffered for decades with smallpox.

These gothic revival ruins may only be a skeleton in New York City’s history, but it is an important part of its history. It isn’t a far trip from the mainland, but it is often overlooked for the more well-known historical landmarks in the five boroughs. Still, you’ll want to view this from a distance, as it is not completely stable.

The Staten Island Boat Graveyard

For those who want something a bit more unique, and even a little scary, it is well worth the trip out to southwestern Staten Island for a visit to the Staten Island Boat Graveyard. The final resting place for a hundred decommissioned ships sits in the Arthur Kill tidal strait and is an incredible piece of history. While a bit eerie, it is a powerful image of what happens to ships once they come – and stay – ashore.

Source: Flickr

Remember to steer away from the beaten path when visiting popular cities such as New York City. We don’t simply mean taking a side street instead of a populated one, as that can be dangerous. However, seek the road – or attractions – less traveled: you’ll avoid heavy crowds and make more unique memories.



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