Designing a kitchen island is tough work, and many don’t realize how much though actually needs to be put into such a project before the first steps towards building it even get set in motion.

Many would love to have a kitchen island but don’t exactly know why whereas others know exactly what’s driving their ambition but don’t seem able to figure out to go about it. The time to answer these questions and more has arrived. Here are some of the important things to take into consideration while designing a kitchen island.



Having a kitchen island can be great, but what’s it going to be for? Depending on the answer to that question, people that want one can progress and start thinking about the next step. But going back a little, kitchen islands can have many uses. Most people use it for dining but other people almost don’t even think about dining in the kitchen island.


Some might look to incorporate full-on cooking in this kitchen island while others just want a place where they can prepare food before it gets cooked such as a cutting station or a meat preparation base. Additionally, those that want to pursue such a project need to think if it will be reserved just for one purpose or if it will have multiple ones such as a place for the kids to study and do homework in, or for the grownups to unwind after a day’s work.


Space management

Space management must be one of the most important elements of designing a kitchen island. Of course, it is all relative to how much space the kitchen yields and how much space the kitchen owners are committed to transforming. Basically, appliances need to be fitted so that enough room is left open for free roaming, but not as few as to make the place look deserted.  The size of these appliances if critical, and so is their number. Some households will want more appliances, like a toaster and juice blender whereas others will limit themselves to a microwave, fridge and an oven. Anything in between goes as well.


Hiring a designer

This is something that not all families want or use. There are some that take it upon themselves to be the sole leading “Architect” in the house, and there’s nothing wrong with that. However, keeping in mind that this possibility exists won’t hurt anyone. In case of getting stuck or having a block as to what should be done next and how, designers are a good way to alleviate some of the stress and concern. Designers are professionals that can tell people what they’re looking in kitchens and kitchen design. Such services indeed include kitchen island designs as well.