There’s more in Arizona than cacti forests and the Grand Canyon, as beautiful as those may be. And there’s more to Downtown Phoenix than you can see in a single, short tourist visit.

Maybe you’re moving to Downtown Phoenix in the near future for purposes of education, work, neither, or both, and you want to make the most out of your stay there. Whatever your situation, this guide is for you. Here are five key ways to plan for a wonderful new life in exciting Downtown Phoenix:

1. Put in a Lease on Luxury

Want to live in the best apartment community in Downtown Phoenix? The new Broadstone Arts District apartments on Roosevelt Row, hard up by Midtown, are becoming the iconic luxury neighborhood of Phoenix’s downtown.

This is the kind of place where you get spaciousness, upscale amenities across the board, and a lively, exciting community life all wrapped up into one. And there are great introductory deals that will save you on rent for up to the first eight weeks.

2. Take a Quick Overview Tour

There are many ready at hand tours of Downtown Phoenix or of the whole city that let you quickly hit all the top tourist stops at rapid pace. (You can always go back later for more in-depth touring after the initial taste.)

You should also think about a tour of Chase Field (an engineering marvel) and of the US Airways Center, home of the Suns and of American Idol when it comes through town.


3. See the Downtown’s Numerous Museums

The stand-out museum of Downtown Phoenix is easily Phoenix Art Museum, with its 18,000 works of art from every style and culture you can think of.

But also see the Arizona Jewish Historical Society Museum (the Jewish Pioneers exhibit is great), the Wells Fargo Museum for its wild west guns and art, the Heard Museum for its Native American history, and the Phoenix Children’s Museum to keep your kids sane and let them “play with” instead of just “see” the exhibits.


4. Learn the Best Places to Shop

Looking for the best shopping stops in Downtown Phoenix? Try Bunky Boutique, the award-winning men and women’s clothing store (not far from Giant Coffee, hint hint). R&R Surplus at the Duce would be your best stop for high-quality second-hand clothes, with a wide variety to choose from.

And though we could go on and on, we’ll mention just three more favorites: Bards Books both for the books and the ambiance, Culture Fresh for lovers of hip-hop styles, and Figs Home & Garden for multinational furniture you won’t easily find elsewhere.

5. Learn Where to Eat

Top eatery in Downtown Phoenix? Clearly, it’s Pizzeria Bianco, with its wood-fired pizza ovens and authentic dishes. The Rosa pizza is their signature pizza pie, having locally grown pistachios and other unique toppings.

Also on our list of favorites is Matt’s Big Breakfast, especially for their perfect hash browns; Lolo’s Chicken & Waffles, for a classic everyone should try at least once; The Cafe, located in the Phoenix Public Market; The Downtown Deli, a 50-year-old institution; and Taco Guild, where you dine on authentic Mexican food inside of a 19th Century church building.