I don’t know if fall has arrived where you are, but here in Berlin the leaves are dropping like crazy and it’s getting downright cold in the evenings. Mackenzie keeps asking when it’s going to start snowing…and while I know it’s not likely to be tomorrow, I’m sure it won’t be long before it’s actually cold enough to snow. So I thought it would be fun today to put up some of the really great fall projects I’ve come across lately! I just love fall, even though it means an end to flip-flop weather for a while! 😉

I have wanted to make this acorn wreath since last year…and we have more than enough acorns and chestnuts around here to make it happen…I just have to carve out the time for it and collect enough acorns to cover our massive wreaths! But I’m sure Mack won’t mind helping me with that! 😉 Just don’t forget to bake them so you kill any critters that may be lurking inside…


Or maybe you’d prefer a full fall wreath that is overflowing with leaves, pine cones and berries? I think this is just beautiful!


Or go a bit more modern yet still totally awesome and upcycle those old aluminum cans into leaves. It’s a bit more involved than some projects and you’re going to need some special stuff like aluminum ink and a leaf punch close to life size…but it looks SO great that it’s got to be worth the effort. I would be a bit cautious about putting this where people might brush against it or bump into it often, though, since I’d imagine those edges can be a bit sharp still.

Tired of carving pumpkins? Make them decoupage instead!


How about bringing a bit of fall fun to your walls? I think this pumpkin art with scrapbooking paper and Scrabble tiles is super cute and definitely easy to make! Plus you can probably use up some scrap paper that you haven’t found a good use for yet. 😉


Source: theinspiredroom.net via Tiffany on Pinterest

Got younger ones at home? Make a fun no sew flag banner with your kids!


If you want some other fun no-carve pumpkin ideas, hop over to Real Simple and look at their ideas. I think this concept with tacks could end up being a lot of fun!


Do you have a LONG list of stuff you’d really like to get completed with the family this fall? Make yourself a fun fall bucket list that can be shared with the whole family!


Want to bring some fun, spookiness to your staircase? How about these fantastic paper mice templates from Martha Stewart? Maybe I’ll actually do some regular black construction paper and put them around the bottom of the walls in the entry — but not before I warn Stefan. 🙂


Have a load of canning lids that you can’t use because they’re rusted? Or want to give a canning friend a fun fall present? I think this canning lid pumpkin is super smart and quite cute.


While on the subject of canning supplies, what about using a few jars to make some cool fall candles? They light up so pretty at night and you can enjoy some of those pretty fall leaves a while longer!


If you’re looking to dress up a table, hurricane candlesticks are always a nice touch. But you don’t have to spend a fortune on them. Try out this easy tutorial with Dollar Store items which let you make each one for only a few bucks!


Another super cute idea that I probably would need a helping hand on (because I honestly don’t know how to operate our sewing machine) is these fabric acorns. I really adore them!


To learn more about creating that perfect autumn atmosphere in your home without going overboard and starting to hate fall in the process, hop over to The Reluctant Entertainer


Now I know that Christmas seems a LONG way off, but let’s face it, it’s only 84 days away. So if you want to do something really cool to decorate your space in a BIG way, try making a wreath from PVC pipes. Trust me, you don’t want to be cutting these things when it’s -12°C outside! Take it from someone who ended up making this INSIDE the house two years ago. 🙂

And if you’re looking for some DELICIOUS fall foods, head over to The 36th Avenue who just put up a list of 25 fall treats that will make you want to spend all weekend in the kitchen! 😉

Featured Posts from Last Week’s Natural Life Linky

If you’ve got a surplus of apples and peaches, you have got to check out this recipe for apple-peach sauce. It sounds heavenly — and I can only imagine how good it makes your house smell when you make it! 😉 Since my MIL brought a whole bunch of apples to us last week, I may have to pick up a couple peaches and make a batch of it this weekend — ‘cept I’ll be freezing the results since all my canning stuff is somewhere down in the basement, waiting to be rediscovered.

And be sure to check out this great post on Rural Living Today about how to overcome food shortages which will really make you start to think about what you eat on a regular basis and how important it is for us all to learn to be more sustainable, whether we’re growing things in our own backyard or buying it local.

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