If you want to relax or spend some time with your friends or family, why don’t you invite them to smoke some meat? This is a fun way to have some quality family time. Smoking meat can be fun or a nightmare depending on how you handle things.

Following, we will highlight some common mistake people make when smoking meat for the first time!


Using the Wrong Burning Chips

Have you ever thought why experts use a specific burning material to cook specific meat? They do it to bring out the best taste of meat because the smoke combines with the flavor of the meat.

Therefore, you don’t need to experiment with different types of burners for every single meat. It would be a lot better if you just stick with the basics. Once you are confident enough, you are free to experiment on your own.

Feel free to experiment with the recipe, but don’t change the burning chips over again and again.


Use Lighter Fluid

Lighter fluid isn’t always the best way to start a barbeque session. It can set your whole backyard on fire. You need to light the charcoal or wood chips. If you are not using an electric smoker, there is no way to light the burner without spraying lighter fluid all over it.

If you don’t use one of the Best Electric Smokers – Cookout Pal, soak a paper towel in some olive oil and place it on charcoal. Light up the paper, and it will start burning charcoal.


Image Source: www.pexels.com

Not Using the Right Meat

You can’t just use any meat with wood or charcoal. You need to learn their differences. Check different cuts and parts of meat.  For instance, if you want to smoke salmon, pay for top quality.

Cold Smoking salmon is an old tradition. If you want to taste the good meat, you will need to invest time and effort to learn the right methods to smoke it with the right wood or charcoal.

For instance, if you like ribs, then ask your butcher to get the best ribs. Quality meat goes the extra mile. If you are a gourmand, you won’t mind the extra money you spent on quality and juicy meat.


Don’t Overdo it

There is a difference between overcooking your meat and smoking it too much. In this process, you will lose the structure because it will be exposed to prolonged smoking.  If someone tells you have smoked the meat too much, it means the meat got exposed to way too much smoke.

So, regulate heat, and adjust the top of a smoker after every fifteen to twenty minutes. This regulates the smoke coming out of the device. Doing so keeps you from smoker the meat, and drying up all the moisture. You don’t want your meat to end up like beef jerky.

If you think smoking is easy, and you need to put the meat on smoke for a given time. You have a surprise waiting for you!