Wearing a face mask is annoying for most of us, and if you’re like everyone else, you dread wearing it everywhere you go. Mainly because it’s uncomfortable, but also because it’s the least-flattering thing we have to wear. But just because we have to wear one doesn’t mean we can’t style it up nicely and still rock our favorite ensembles with gusto. Believe it or not, there are ways you can still be stylish while wearing a face mask. Here’s how.

1. Decorate It

If you’d rather not wear a plain face mask and you want to liven it up a little, consider decorating it with flowers or butterflies or whatever you want on it. You could even do little rhinestones or gems and really make it shine. Go crazy with glitter, jewels and whatever else you want to put on there.

2. Get an Assortment of Colors

Want to match your face masks to your outfits like some celebs have been doing? Get yourself an assortment of colors, but remember not to sacrifice safety for style. For instance, black KN95 face masks are hip and one of the safest types of masks available to the general public — you can find them at retailers like Green Supply. And since black goes with just about everything, you really can’t go wrong with a black KN95 face mask.

3. Step Up Your Makeup Game

Since the mask covers up the majority of your face, you’ll have to focus on eye makeup. Try out a new trend like the electric blue eyeliner trend, the lavender eyelids trend or the glossy eye trend. Bring a little life to your eyelashes with a lash booster or a different mascara color, such as violet. You can even match your makeup to whatever face mask you’re wearing that day or take the opposite approach and play around with contrast to make your eyes really pop against the mask.

4. Style Your Hair Differently

Now that we have to wear masks when we’re out in public, it might be time to consider a hairstyle to wear with one. Ladies, skip the simple ponytails and opt for a modern, chic look that enhances your natural beauty and face shape. Try out the space bun, French braids, extra pigtails, twists, hair clips or add some hair bows for a dash of color. You could even get new highlights or take a more drastic approach and get bangs.

5. Consider a Head Wrap

Head wraps are a popular fashion itemin the natural hair community, and they seem to be making their way towards the mainstream. People from all over are embracing the head wrap and you should, too. They come in a variety of different colors, all of which look great with a black or white face mask. You can even find a few beautiful designs that’ll work with pretty much anything you’ve got in your closet.

Sporting Your Mask in Style

Keeping your style intact while wearing a face mask is possible as long as you know what to do to dress it up. Whether you choose to decorate it, get an assortment of colors, step up your makeup game or experiment with your hairstyle, you’ve got a lot of options when it comes to sporting your mask stylishly. Start experimenting with different looks and getting whatever accessories you need to look and feel your best.