After over a year stuck at home, creating comfortable, appealing indoor spaces is even more important for many of us. If you’re planning on redecorating next year, here are the top six furniture trends to bear in mind. We’ve got retro trends, statement pieces, and plenty of natural materials.

Woven forms

Sculpted rattan lampshades and curved bamboo chairs will be appearing in more stylish homes next year. Rattan, wicker, and other woven wooden materials are no longer solely for garden furniture. This trend is part of the larger popularity of natural materials in our homes that we can expect to see everywhere in 2022. If you’re planning on jumping on this trend, be sure you know about cleaning rattan furniture by checking out furniture upkeep guides like FurnitureLiscious so your woven decor can look tip-top.

70s retro

Mid-century modern has been the number one furniture trend for some time. Its latest iteration is the trend for 70s retro-inspired furnishings. We’ve already mentioned rattan, but what about hanging chairs, curved edges on everything, fringed edges, and lots of 70s-inspired color schemes filled with burnt orange, mustard yellow, and deep green? We love this 70s interior design Pinterest board that is filled with ideas for modernizing this retro trend.

Suminagashi marbling

Marbling is back but not how you’d expect it. Suminagashi is an ancient Japanese practice involving floating ink in water to create an effect similar to marble and laying paper into the water. Kitchen counters, baths, and sinks throw cushions, and lampshades can all sport this elegant print. Recently, the design studio NAT MAKS has been creating stunning suminagashi wallpaper that looks great for a feature wall or on a headboard.

Textured wood

The so-called “ridged renaissance” is seeing textured furniture in all the trendiest homes. Textured wood is making its way to cabinets, wardrobes, nightstands, and coffee tables. From minimalistic lined ridges to ornate curves and swirls, plain smooth wood is a thing of the past.

Statement headboards

Headboards upholstered with bright, patterned fabric, painted wood, or panels that incorporate unusual wallpaper are all part of the statement headboards trend we can expect to keep on seeing in 2022. A statement headboard is an inexpensive way to transform a bedroom, essentially becoming a piece of art in your bedroom. Statement headboards can also compliment other features in your room, such as a feature wall or bright decor like vases.

Multi-functional furniture

Many of us are looking to get more from our furniture next year. Lamps with built-in Bluetooth speakers, sofas with storage, collapsible coffee tables that can be adjusted for height and slid neatly under sofas – these are some of the multi-use furnishings that we’re loving. As many people must work with smaller spaces and are working from home more, every surface and spot on the floor needs to count.

Classic designs, earthy and natural styles, and pops of color and patterns are set to dominate furniture trends in 2022. Warm-up your space with any of these trends and you’ll have one of the most stylish homes around.