Big Bear Lake is a beautiful city located along a lake with the same name and surrounded by the San Bernardino National Forest in San Bernardino County, California. The town is a famous year-round vacation spot in the state. Local and foreign tourists stay in Big Bear cabins and other accommodations during their visits.

If you are searching for a place to spend your vacation with family and friends, the city will not disappoint you. It features several tourist spots where you can visit and do fun, challenging, and exciting activities. During summer, you can test your endurance hiking and biking in the scenic San Bernardino Mountains. Enjoy snow sports like skiing at various family-friendly facilities during the winter.

Fun and thrilling activities, and places to visit in big bear lake

As a prime tourist spot, Big Bear Lake offers many attractions to its millions of visitors all-year-round. If you are far from the area, do not worry about a place to stay as there are many Big Bear cabins you can rent. Here are some of the exciting things to do and beautiful places to visit in the town:

  • Travel at high speed on its zip lines – Are you a thrill-seeker? Try flying along the zip lines operated by Action Zip Line Tours at different speeds. Get your adrenaline pumping and enjoy the breathtaking view of nature while travelling at speeds of up to 45 miles per hour.
  • Hike and bike at the Cougar Crest Trail – Bond with your friends and families while trekking and mountain biking at the 2.4-mile long Cougar Crest Trail. The trail is located in the national forest.
  • Visit wild animals and birds at the Big Bear Alpine Zoo at Moonridge – Aside from Big Bear cabins, the Big Bear Alpine Zoo is perfect for animal lovers or those curious about bird species. You can see various bird and animal species like owls, bobcats, arctic foxes, black bears, wolves, and coyotes in the flesh at the zoo.
  • Picnicking, kayaking, and canoeing at the Boulder Bay Park – Marvel at nature’s beauty while outing at this scenic outdoor recreational park. You can also enjoy several exciting snow-sports at the facility during winter.
  • Hiking at the Castle Rock Trail – Test your stamina by climbing the steep and rocky Castle Rock Trail, which is around 1.3 miles long. Enjoy the panoramic view of the Big Bear Lake while resting your tired legs at the top. You can also navigate the trail on horseback or mountain bike.
  • Strolling at the Alpine Pedal Path with the entire group – Enjoy casual walks and biking with your entourage at this beautiful must-see site. The path features several benches along its 3.2-mile stretches where you can sit and enjoy the picturesque vistas. You can also try bird watching and admire the perfect glides of the bald eagles.
  • Off-road driving at the Big Bear Jeep Experience – Don’t miss the thrill of an off-road adventure with the Big Bear Jeep Experience. You can rent a Jeep at the site and drive around rocky roads under the guidance of a veteran off-roader.

Taking a vacation is an excellent way to relax and bond with your loved ones. By visiting all-season attractions like Big Bear cabins, you can create unforgettable memories together. With safe facilities and numerous accommodations, you will experience a hassle-free getaway.