About Stefan

My name is Stefan Muehlbauer and until recently I was an investment banker working 14-15 hour days, always on the phone and constantly checking my email. At the ripe old age of 34 I decided that there is more to life than wilting away on a trading floor, running from meeting to meeting and spending time away from my family.

It might just be a coincidence, but starting running might be the reason I finally made the jump to become free of “da man” and start doing what I have always wanted to do, build my entrepreneurial empire!

My wife, the most beautiful and amazing woman in the world – Tiffany, of NoOrdinaryHomestead.com fame – is thankfully just as nutty. We are one of those disgusting, absolutely nauseating couples that spend all of our time together and actually ENJOY it! I know it makes me a little queezy too.

Sometimes she lets me share about our running, building projects and the delicious things I cook for date night.


How the running madness began…

September 30th, 2012 was a normal sunday, I woke up – trudged out on to the balcony, fired up a Lucky Strike cigarette…. and then probably another one. But there was something different about this day – it was the day of the 2012 Berlin Marathon and the race route (more precisely KM36/22.5mi) literally led right past our front door. I had friends of various speeds (the fastest ran 2h45m – the slowest 5h35m) running that day, so we spent quite some time watching the fast Kenians breeze by and then hung around to see the walking wounded.

At some point during the day, feeding off the vibe of the runners and crowd, at one point during the day I looked at my and said “I want to run this next year” and she surprised me by replying “OK, let’s do it”. The next evening we had dusted off our running shoes and with a zero to 5k in hand set off the very next day. The rest is history.