So Macky has left and won’t be back until the new door arrives for the office. He thinks it should be here sometime this week so he’ll give us a call. He also has some trim to finish out in the entry hall but at least the more major tasks are complete now.

The dishwasher definitely doesn’t seem to be leaking anymore although the faucet drips in the bath upstairs…something new to add to the list. I’ve still got a test run going with the dishwasher so we’ll see in about an hour if all is indeed well but it’s definitely looking promising since I haven’t seen a drop yet.

My bath layout had to be changed a bit since the hook up for the sink is closer to the corner and the piping for the sink needs to run directly under it…but it still looks good. The cabinet is still a bit off-center but we’ll get to it. Macky didn’t have any of the tools he needed to do it today or it would be done already. I guess as long as I can keep myself from loading stuff up in there just yet, it will be ok. I was rather fond of the plant in the corner but I guess I’ll just have to find a new, more suitable plant to stick somewhere else…maybe after we’ve put up a few pictures and such.

We’ve come a pretty long way from the original room…