Stefan had to travel to Dusseldorf this morning for a bunch of meetings so after he left at 6:15am, I went back to bed. The last week or so I stopped doing this so I could get things accomplished. But the weather was a bit cooler then and today it’s going to be over 90 again here which is just downright unpleasant when you don’t have air conditioning in every room. Thankfully we did buy a portable room A/C unit (most for Ayla since there is little one can do to really cool her down when it gets hot here) so we have at least one place we can escape to when the temps really start to rise. And next week it’s supposed to be in the low 80’s again so I can once again resume normal life. But now that I’m pregnant, I have to watch out for myself more and make sure I don’t do anything to overheat myself or the little one. Not such an easy task for me since I generally get going with something and lose all track of everything else…but the baby is definitely keeping me in my place for the most part! I always know if I’ve done too much the day before because I end up feeling like crap, having hardly any appetite and just looking at food generally makes me nauseous. Not exactly things that are acceptable during pregnancy.

At any rate, I had trouble dragging myself out of the fluffy cloud we call a bed this morning but have still managed to get a few things done in spite of myself. Much to Ayla’s pleasure, we ran into her favorite playmate, Maya, this morning. But I’ll let her tell you about that in a little while.

When we got back to the house, I went to visit one of my favorite places of employment here, the customs office. I ordered a course called HypnoBabies online to get me prepared for the birthing process and hopefully will be able to do everything without drugs. I mean if Jessica Alba can do it and smile through the whole thing, so can I! But it got flagged so I had to go pick the package up personally. Joy.

I prepared all the receipt copies I could get my hands on to help the genius staff through the process and hit the road. Thankfully when I got to the office, I found that I was the only one who needed to pick up a package. Unfortunately, the person responsible for that was not at his desk…and the other monkeys that work in there are apparenlty not trained properly to assist you in any way, nor can they acknowledge your existence to tell you that their colleague will be right back. A few minutes later, the man whose head I nearly tore off last time I was there shows up and asks what he can do for me. Duh.

All in all, the process was fairly quick and I was out of there in about 15 minutes which is probably the fastest time ever. What I cannot comprehend is why they ask you everytime what is in the package when it is clearly stated on the box itself and they have the right to open everything. I could tell him it’s a pound of drugs or a jar of peanut butter and the guy would just nod, look up the code in his little book, fill out his forms and send me around the corner to pay. Ok, well the drugs he might question at some point but seriously. You can tell them it’s anything in the world, assuming you know there is a lower tax rate on that item, and then be on your way. They do keep paperwork so maybe there is someone in another office responsible for checking that said item is indeed what you were taxed for…but somehow I doubt it. And with the goods already gone and at home with you, they really don’t have much leverage over you.

At any rate, I gladly came directly home (always a pleasure when driving the Defender) and avoided the urge to run by IKEA to pick up drapes for the living room (I’ve decided the fabric is probably going to be cheaper from them finished than to buy it by the yard and make myself – which is just sick). And then I started more pickles (with a different recipe) so I can get them off my kitchen counter finally and clean up all the jars I have sitting around.

The rest of the day holds more blogging adventures as I continue to work on syncing everything up again here on WordPress and I can only hope that I will finish most of it by this afternoon! Cause I have to say, it’s getting dull – FAST!