Carolina’s Outer Banks has a history that includes the Lost Colony of Roanoke Island. It also hosted the first powered airplane flight in the world at Kill Devil Hills.

The Outer Banks families today for its beautiful villages, water sports, and wild horses. The Outer Banks area is popular for families as it offers many activities and attractions.

It also has a rich history that makes it a great vacation spot. These are the highlights of the area for a classic East Coast beach vacation.

Each and every town has its own style and charm. Here’s a brief overview of the best places to visit in every Outer Banks town.

  • Duck

Best Outer Banks Beaches


This area, located in Currituck County, is the northernmost part of the Outer Banks. This area has beautiful beaches and larger, more modern vacation rental homes. However, not all of it has developers. Explore the Carova 4×4 area and discover the beaches and sand dunes without roads. Enjoy the tranquility and sightings of wild horses in their natural environment. You can park on the beach, and you can fish and swim to your heart’s delight.

In addition Corolla is an entire world with its own grocery store, farmers’ market, shops, and restaurants. One of the only true oceanfront restaurants is also located here. It is home to the Currituck Lighthouse, Wildlife Education Center, and the Whalehead Club (a 1920’s restored hunt club). The Metropolis, a visible shipwreck, is also available for your visit. Further up you will reach the four-wheel-drive area where wild horses live. Corolla is a great place to be:

  • History/nature lovers
  • For those who want a more relaxed vacation
  • Who wants to spend a lot of time at the beach?
  • Families who loved and cherished the Outer Banks 20/30 Years ago
  • Boat owner.


This town is mainly a residential area. It’s located right between Kitty Hawk, Duck and provides easy access to both. Although there are no restaurants or stores in this area, it is less than five minutes drive from either. The homes are situated among trees, giving them a more homey feel.

Therefore all beaches at Southern Shores have private access for residents and their guests. They are one of the most peaceful beaches on the Outer Banks. In season, they have the most strict rules regarding dogs on the beaches. Southern Shores is a great place to be:

  • The family who loves quiet
  • For those who desire a residential feel’ to their home
  • Anyone who wants to be centrally situated to all the activities, but not spend a lot of time in the middle.
  • Families who want to decompress and relax


The entire Outer Banks known as Nags Head for many years by tourists. Nags Head was home to the first beach cottages. In those days, the beach was much wider and more flat than it is today. Also, there weren’t tall sand dune walls to protect the land against the waves. The house on stilts. In the event of a hurricane, the ocean would just run underneath the houses. Some of the people are still standing today.

Nags Head allows leashed pets all year, while other towns allow them at certain times. Please visit our page for details. The Nags Head is Great for:

  • First-timers
  • Young families
  • Families who love to be active are always on the move
  • For anyone who wants to be near everything and has many options
  • Pets


South Nags Head is a quieter and more peaceful neighborhood to the south. It is located just south of the most well-known town. South Nags Head, However which is located just a short distance from the Pea Island Wildlife refuge, is quite isolated and away from the busy areas of the Outer Banks. In other words Surf fishing is possible year-round at South Nags Head, which is considered one of the most popular fishing spots in the region.

However for charter fishing, you will be close to the Oregon Inlet and the Bodie Island Lighthouse. Pea Island Wildlife refuge is close by and offers ranger-led birding trips. Manteo can also be reached from Hatteras. Here you can visit the Chicamacomico Lifesavers or ride horses at Frisco’s Beach. South Nags Head is a great place to:

  • History and nature lovers
  • For anyone looking to relax and decompress on vacation
  • Fishermen
  • Pets
  • Families who want to escape the daily grind

5- Duck

Since ducks are allowed to walk off-leash at the beach, the US Today voted them one of the 10 most dog-friendly beaches. Duck’s greatest asset is its charmingness. Duck has no chain stores, but there are small family-run restaurants and boutique shops. An independent bookstore is also available. One mile and a half of Downtown Duck is connected by bicycle paths and a wooden sound front walkway that connects all sound front shops and restaurants.

However, their park, which includes a playground, picnic area, public sound access, and parking, is one of the best in the Outer Banks. They have performed in the park’s amphitheater or on the green during the season. These shows are often low-cost, or even free. Access to the beach in Duck is private, but your house will be included. The beach is less crowded if you are staying in Duck. Duck is a wonderful town:

  • Families who want to be free from everything
  • People who enjoy the sound of water (kayaking or swimming, etc.
  • Pets
  • After that For anyone who seeks a small-town, authentic experience
  • Anyone who wishes to be able to walk or cycle places

Book of Your Outer Banks Vacation 

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Outer Banks NC offers many activities and attractions. There are many Outer Banks activities to choose from. You can either relax in a luxury Outer Banks vacation home or get your heart pumping a bit faster by participating in sport. Outer Banks also has restaurants and hotels. So whether you are looking for a relaxing vacation at home or a night out, you can find it here.

You should consider renting a vacation home if you plan on spending your vacation there. Similarly, If you love outdoor activities, or simply want to spend quality time with your loved ones, the Outer Banks is a wonderful place to visit. Outer Banks is a popular vacation spot in America. There are also amazing Outer Banks vacation rentals.