Once they started removing parts of the walls & throwing them out, we realized that the walls are primarily OLD bricks which we will assume are from 1834 which is when the house was built. Not wanting to waste these or just let them get trashed, we started collecting all the whole bricks we could find in the trash container and will use them to build a brick floor in one of the rooms of the barn which only has dirt in it at the moment. We’re certainly hoping there will be enough but I guess only time will tell when we start laying them out. So far I think we’ve got a pretty good start…and worst case we just make a walking path instead lol.

We took this picture around half way through the first container. Most of the wall was covered when we finished moving them. All of these came from the wall which faces the courtyard where the new doors will be placed.

Then they started the breakthrough from inside the house and we found there were many, many more bricks to add to the stack. The majority of our “spoils” can be see here although there are still a few more lurking in other trash piles which will be added on here eventually…