As of February 2020, US-based home builders completed 1,316,000 housing construction projects in different parts of the country. According to the US Department of Housing and Urban Development, 1,027,000 of these completed projects were for single-family use. Meanwhile, about 280,000 of these are buildings composed of over five units. While some homeowners choose to have a new house built for their family, others opt to do some simple renovations to transform the aesthetics of their property. For those who are planning to build or renovate their place, using slate or other interesting materials could be a good idea. Here are several unconventional building materials that can make a home’s interior look extra beautiful.

Natural Slate Slabs And Stone Tiles

Builders and interior designers use slate slabs and tiles for decoration and other utility purposes. The thick, fine-grained metamorphic rock that comes in different sizes and colors can create different modern stone materials used for decorating the home. Homeowners also choose this for their home decoration because of its durability and impressive appearance. At the moment, construction projects use natural slate slabs for countertops, flooring, and to decorate the walls. To make sure that the slate tiles look their best for a long time, homeowners should seal each slab tile properly to avoid wear and tear.

Cinder Block Materials 

While traditional home designs use paneled concrete for floors and walls, new interior designers choose cinder blocks to add more contemporary feel inside the house. Cinder blocks can provide a more refined industrial look to the home’s floors and walls. If homeowners choose this material, builders or interior designers should not coat it in glossy paint. This will help create a “warehouse chic” finish instead of an incomplete construction project. Aside from the walls and the floors, cinder blocks can also look great as a makeshift coffee table when topped with a beautiful slab of wood or glass.

Cork Board Sheets 

Usually used for memo boards, interior designers and homeowners now use cork sheets to provide an additional visually appealing element on the wall and floors. It also brings more texture to any room. Aside from its aesthetic appeal, cork sheets can also absorb the sounds on the wall. It makes it the perfect material to use in the baby nurseries or home entertainment rooms.

Concept of notes, goals, memo or action plan. Sticky notes on cork board, alarm clock and stationary in workplace office or home

These are some of the most interesting materials that interior decorators and home builders can use when constructing or renovating a home. Some of these materials may also last longer compared to the usual building materials used in old houses. By choosing the right material, homeowners will enjoy a uniquely decorated home for a long time.