Dear Mackenzie,

I glanced at the calendar on my watch yesterday and thought, “Woah! She’s 7 months old already?? Didn’t I just write her 6 month letter a few days ago?”

Mack 7 months old grinning with duckie ball

Indeed, the time is continuing to fly by. I fear it will only get worse and move more quickly when you start crawling and walking. I’ll be following you around and everything else around here will fall behind even more. But I wouldn’t give up this opportunity to be here with you, watching you grow up. I’m truly blessed to be able to do so…and hope your daddy can start working from home in the future too. Some of the most exciting moments of your childhood are approaching and I don’t want him to miss a thing.

Mack 7 months old tada

As the pictures portray, you are really starting to master sitting up. In the last few days, you’ve been balancing yourself for at least 10 minutes before you topple over. We just have to be extra careful about where we sit you down so you don’t knock yourself out when gravity takes control.

Mack 7 months old oh yeah

You’re drooling more than ever. Ayla must be so proud. Sometimes there will be a nice long string of it from your mouth down to your shirt.

Mack 7 months old no teeth

And the front upper half of your shirt is often drenched from you sucking on it or trying to eat your buttons. Needless to say there’s been a lot more laundry to do around her lately!

Mack 7 months old oh my gawd

No teeth are poking their heads out yet but that’s not slowing you down much in the food department. You’ve eaten everything we’ve put in your mouth, and tried to eat a few things we didn’t put there. Thanks to your expert sucking skills, you’ve figured out how to eat fresh strawberries and raspberries without us pureeing them. From the vine to your mouth – just the way we all like it.

Mack 7 months old ready to eat

You LOVE playing with your spoons. But I’m not brave enough to let you feed yourself yet. Your crazy parents still haven’t managed to buy a high chair yet for you. I’m not sure what we’re waiting for but I think it’s a matter of not having fully explored all the options yet. You should know that we have put tons of thought into everything from your crib to baby monitor – and since this piece of furniture is going to be with us for a while, we probably should make it worthwhile.

Mack 7 months old crossed feet sit

Your expressions and personality are incredible. You have so much concentration and determination already. Although sometimes you just make us laugh with your looks of wonder. How are you ever going to get that whole block into your mouth?

Mack 7 months old concentration

You’ve been spending more time on the floor hanging out in your rain forest or on a big blanket. But you’re learning to roll yourself all over the place so we can’t turn our back on you for a second.

Mack 7 months old rainforest

There’s so much more that I could say, but the words just won’t come together.You’ve enriched our lives and you make encourage me to be more, to be better. Seeing your smile makes any rough day seem instantly better.

Mack 7 months old im so cute

Your daily naps change weekly – it always keeps me guessing. Lately we’re trying out an awake 3-4 hours pattern with a 1-2 hour nap. At least I’m getting in some gardening work while you’re resting up for more fun. I probably should be storing up my energy too, but somehow we learn to live on less sleep as we get older.

Mack 7 months old purely edible

We’re looking forward to so many firsts with you in the next months and years. Thank you for letting us remember to be kids again too and relive all those first moments again.

Mack 7 months old what next

Sweet dreams, tiny one. Even though you’re growing by leaps and bounds, no matter how old you are – you will still be our little girl.

Mack 7 months old sleeping

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Mack 7 months old sly little fox