Dear Mackenzie,

You have such a vivid imagination. You are always coming up with some sort of game to play. You recently started picking up your baby monitor while it’s in the charger, sing-song saying, “Ruf-ruf” in a high pitched voice (kinda like the puppy phone in Little Nicky when you’ve never seen) and then proceed to have a conversation. Of course your conversations on the real phone are not nearly as animated or successful, but that doesn’t stop you from wanting to talk on the phone anyway. You also love addressing your stuffed animals as your friends which is really cute. And when you bring someone along for a car ride and you spot something along the way, you’ll excitedly say to the “friend”, “Look, Rabbit (or whoever is along), Look! It’s a _______.”

This outfit was selected entirely by you. And that goose neck squash you're holding? It's called a "kitty squash."

You made a new friend in your music group. Last week you and a little girl named Teresa were holding hands and dancing together to the songs whenever we were standing. Cutest. Thing. Ever! But you’re still so funny about that group. You get excited about going, and will participate in some of the songs — but you also want me to hold you the second we stand up to sing and dance — which is just about every other song. At least you don’t scream in there anymore because of songs you don’t like. And hopefully Teresa will never be absent now! And you actually sing quite a few songs by yourself. Some of your favorites are “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star” and “Old McDonald.” You also are getting better with the “ABC Song” and will sometimes sing the welcome song from your music group to yourself, with names of other kids in the group inserted where they belong in the song. Super, super cute!

Oh and in other music news. You are officially in love with your iPod Shuffle which has a whole bunch of kids music on it — but you really only want to listen to 3 of the songs most of the time. Barney’s “Clean up”, “Elmo’s Song” and “Twinkle Twinkle” with the additional second verse about the bat.

You really love playing with Ayla and have started to dress her up a bit as well…but naturally you also love to dress yourself up from time to time as well. Just about anything in the world can become a hat. You also like to try on my shoes and have turned one of my tank tops into a dress — not that I was wearing it much anyway but still quite funny. Naturally I had to cinch it way up in the back it would actually stay on you. But I have to say, the top suits you better than me.

In fact, you are extremely picky about your clothing and this past month was the first in your life that you’ve allowed us to put your hair into a pony tail for more than 3 seconds. There were even a few days when you actually asked to have someone put your hair up, which was shocking considering how much you disliked it before. I guess you finally realized that it’s not only practical for keeping your neck cooler, but it’s also great to keep your hair out of your face while jumping.

You have done some stuff that was a bit off the wall and not fitting to the perfect little angel act that you often like to portray. Although really, you usually are an awesome kid. You really love yogurt these days, and I was working on some laundry in the other room, assuming you were just eating your yogurt like always. Boy was I wrong.

I think that this was preceded with you covering your hand in chocolate pudding — to which I responded with giving you a few sheets of paper to use as a canvas for your finger paints. Maybe in retrospect it might have been better to teach you not to do that. But you’ve only done it once or twice since then — and technically you weren’t wasting food this way. ๐Ÿ˜‰

You are now convinced that a cup of ice and a band-aid can fix any boo-boo in the world. You fell and scraped up your chin a bit, but picking out the right band-aid together and putting it on there seem to immediately make it feel better.

Actually, speaking of feeling better, you got your very first bee sting a few days ago. The yellow jacket was half dead already but you happened to step on it and he just popped you in your big toe. I came to the rescue with a quick bee sting essential oil mix and fixed it right up. You handled it with such poise. You cried a little, but not hysterically…and asked for gummy bears. Of course I had to oblige and when you had them, you tried to give them to your foot to help it feel better. So, so cute. The bee sting remedy seemed to make a huge impact, though (or maybe the gummy bears), because you were up and jumping around again a few minutes later. No swelling or anything.

You still need to work on your timing when you stand up while under tables. You’ve hit your head a lot. It got a lot better for a few weeks (after you became so scared of going under tables that you wouldn’t even try to pick something up that went down there), but whacked yourself pretty good yesterday. So we’ll see how you fair over the next weeks. But today has been a rough day for you anyway and you’re pretty accident prone — so you actually just hit your head a few minutes ago.

This year, you totally loved the bands that were part of Lanternfest — and you talked about them for days. In fact, you still mention them every now and then. But you also set up your very own drum circle in the middle of the kitchen floor. Maybe you’ll be a musician some day. Or we can start a family band. ๐Ÿ˜‰

You have been going through a really wonderful cuddle phase that your daddy and I have both been enjoying. Actually, you’ve wanted to cuddle a lot with daddy lately. Far more than with me. But he’s got restricted access around here since he’s at work all day so I don’t take it personally…and last Sunday after your nap, you made up for it. I actually thought you might be sick since you were so cuddly and just wanted to lay on top of me on the couch, not really moving, with my hand on your belly. But after about an hour or so, you were up and running around again like always.

You are just so insanely cute…and I think you know it. Your language skills have also really progressed and it’s almost all full sentences now. You do seem to be starting to make up words already which is really funny. And you totally just look at me like I’m the silly one for not knowing what you’re saying.

You seem to be growing up fast and in just a few short months you’ll be heading off to preschool. I can see why so many people start thinking about having another baby at this age since nearly all traces of you being a baby are now gone. But sorry to disappoint you — you won’t be getting any live-in playmates anytime soon.

You are what makes us smile on the craziest of days, and even when you make me run in circles and feel like collapsing in bed at 7pm when you’ve gone to bed, I couldn’t ask for a better child. You are the apple of my eye.

My love,