Dear Mackenzie,

Yesterday was the 25th of the month already and that means you’re now 8 months old. You know I wanted to post this letter then, but I just didn’t get started soon enough. Sometimes mommy has a bit too much going on at once…but isn’t that how every mommy operates?

Every day and week brings new events and milestones. Crawling, teeth, babbling, insecurities, laughter; it’s an amazing time for us and I’m sure it is for your too.

Mackenzie 8 months surprise

I usually scold myself for not taking enough pictures…but this month I may have taken too many. Picking out my favorites was really hard and I’m guessing I will have a big group of them when this letter is done just showing you off some more. You LOVE the camera, whether it’s the video camera or regular photo camera. We say your name and you look right over with a big smile. Sometimes the flash alone gets your attention and has you grinning from ear to ear and moving yourself into poses. Are you already thinking about a career in modeling?

Mackenzie 8 months play time

You are scooting around on the floor like a pro. You use your arms to pull and toes to push, essentially dragging yourself around. You want to be mobile all the time and have made an attempt to leap out of my arms already so you could get on the floor and move yourself around. And you’re QUICK!Β  Even the cats are surprised at how quickly you can move yourself across the bed when you’re trying to grab onto their fur or tail. Sometimes you end up with a bit more fur and dirt on you than we’d like, but we’re trying to remember a little dirt never hurt anyone. I for one loved eating sand when I was little and look how good I turned out. πŸ˜‰

Mackenzie 8 months furry mouth

You’ve had a few thoughts about pulling yourself up on the coffee table but you don’t seem quite sure how to go about it yet. I just hope it doesn’t decide to roll away from you anytime soon – or that you get your fingers caught under the wheels. We might have to consider putting some padding on the corners of it though. You insist on running your head into them when you’re moving around…which is a sign that you need to focus more on where you’re going and not that speck of dirt on the floor. But I’m sure you’ll get to that eventually. Some adults don’t even watch where they’re going so you won’t be alone in running into things. I’m completely accident prone at the moment myself…but I just seem to be moving in too many directions at once rather than not paying attention to what’s in front of me.

Mackenzie 8 months hey parrot man

You are so fearless and trusting of the world. There’s nothing you can’t do if you really put your mind to it. Ok, maybe walking is going to need a bit more time until your muscles get developed, but you definitely want to be walking around on your own. I just hope that when you start running all over the place, I can keep up. And that you and the dog don’t stir up too much mischief; otherwise I’ll never get any work done!

Mackenzie 8 months sitting pretty

Your first tooth started peaking through on Thursday (July 23rd.) You, Daddy, Ayla and I were out for a walk when daddy looked over at you in the Bjorn and noticed something in your mouth. Closer inspection revealed it was your very first tooth (bottom right) making it’s debut appearance. And now it looks like one of your upper ones is coming in, too, right on schedule. This should help a lot with the eating dilemma. I know you are wishing you could do a bit more chewing and chomping on things. Pureed food just loses its appeal after a while.

Mackenzie 8 months my camera

But that doesn’t mean that you enjoy eating any less. You pack away that food like it’s going out of style. Except for right now while your teeth are coming in. Mommy milk is the only thing true hitting the spot these days. Well, that and some zucchini bread. Good thing our zucchini plant in the backyard is going nicely so I can make some more bread for you and daddy.

Mackenzie 8 months feeding myself

I’ve been trying to let you attempt to feed yourself but it’s still a rather rough process. You haven’t mastered the pincer grasp yet and most of the food just ends up smashed in your hand, on the high chair, on the floor or all over you. But it’s a learning process. Those little fingers need training and time so we’ll just keep at it. I know that one day, it’s all just going to click — like so many other things have.

Mackenzie 8 months feeding myself

You got your first dirndl which is a big event in any little girl’s life. I had to wait until I was 20 to get mine. Of course people might have looked at me a bit strangely if I was wearing one in Miami all the time. Now we just have to find plenty of occasions for you to wear it without you getting it filthy!

Mackenzie 8 months dirndl sitting

Sitting no longer poses any problems for you. You catch yourself if you start leaning too far in one direction, and if you fall over now, it’s because you wanted to. That doesn’t mean that you don’t have an occasional instance where you bang your head into something, but that’s all part of growing up.

Mackenzie 8 months green dress

You’ve rarely had any trouble sleeping through the night although you still have a rough one every now and then. Recently there was a thunderstorm and the dog woke you up because she was cowering outside your bedroom, hoping someone would come to comfort her. And on rare nights you will wake up at 3am howling for food. Those are the nights when you get to sleep in mom & dad’s bed so mommy can get some sleep while you eat. All this growing you’re doing is really hard work and your body is demanding more nourishment. But I won’t complain. Waking up next to and watching you sleep is a special treat. I could just lay there for hours looking at your sweet little face. Yes, you’re just wrapping all of us tighter and tighter around those little fingers every day.

Mackenzie 8 months yummy kitty

You are an electronics junkie. Whenever you see your dad’s tiny little netbook, you grab at it. We know you think it’s just the right size for you, but I don’t think the buttons would approve of all your drool right now. But don’t worry, when you get older, you can have your own laptop and sit on the couch to surf the web with mom and dad all the time.

Mackenzie 8 months stealing laptops

You’ve been trying to figure out how to work the amplifier and other home theater components for the last couple weeks. Thankfully they’re usually turned off when you start hitting buttons and turning knobs. Who knows what sort of sound explosion would take place in here otherwise. I’m fairly sure that would be startling enough to get you crying.

Mackenzie 8 months electrogirl

Your nap schedule has still been changing almost weekly and for a couple weeks you were awake 3-4 hours then would sleep for 2. I have to admit this was kinda nice. But the last couple days you’ve decided a two naps a day is for babies so you’ve just been taking one long 3-4 hours nap. This means you need to stay awake for 6 or 7 hours in one stretch in the afternoon and evening. It’s not an easy task. Maybe if you can find a way to stay awake longer in the morning and balance the time before and after the nap, your once a day nap will work a little better.

Mackenzie 8 months breadstick fiend

The world is an amazing place for your right now as you discover how it all works. Nature just continues to amaze me as I watch you develop. You’re so alert, questioning, curious and full of life.

Mackenzie 8 months what's going on

As I sit here finishing this up, you’re leaning against me while we sit on the couch. You’ve been awake since 5:30am (it’s 7:30 now) and that’s just too early for a Sunday morning. The good news is, you seem to be getting ready to fall asleep again. The bad news; I don’t think I’ll get to go back to bed anytime soon.

Mackenzie 8 months peekaboo

Keep growing strong and beautiful, tiny one. We’ve lowered the bed in your playpen so you can’t escape and injure yourself as you leap over the side. Although we can’t always be there to protect you from every bad moment, know that your mommy and daddy will always love you, be there for you and stand by you.