To make a normal analysis of Doge cryptocurrency and its price, first it is necessary to pay attention to its features and comparison to Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Features and principles of cryptocurrency

The description of the Dogecoin cryptocurrency is almost no different from its brother – Bitcoin. A hash of fully public keys is used. The situation is similar with the source code. It is almost identical, with minimal differences.

The developers made small changes and modernized it. The main and essential feature is the short mining period.

The reward is credited 1 time within 60 seconds. Specialized powerful hardware is not required. An ordinary stationary PC is enough for work. Infinite emission is both a plus and a minus of the project. Since this significantly reduces the growth in value, it is slow.

Despite this, the project developers do not plan to change this indicator in any way. An unconditional plus is a single commission when transferring money. Regardless of the amount of funds, the amount paid will be the same. Many are interested in the relationship of the Bitcoin exchange rate to Dogcoin and how to convert doge to btc. To predict successfully, you need to know some of the differences between the latter:

  1. the brand itself is perceived differently – it is used only for charity and other legal tasks (Bitcoin is often used for money laundering);
  2. there is no emission limit – it can be mined endlessly;
  3. low price;
  4. when transferring, the commission is only 1 DOGE;
  5. the course, if necessary, stabilizes independently, without outside interference;
  6. complex defense mechanism

Differences Dogecoin from other cryptocurrencies

Unlike deflationary bitcoin, Dogecoin is an inflationary cryptocurrency. In addition, it was used at various times for charitable purposes, with its help sports organizations and projects to provide those in need with drinking water were sponsored.

There are some reasons why you should pay attention to Dogecoin:

ü This cryptocurrency, which helps beginners to easily get acquainted with this market, has a high degree of liquidity compared to other tokens of the same low price level.

ü Dogecoin reached the 35th place in the ranking of cryptocurrencies in terms of capitalization, which shows the ability to move upward thanks to active trading, largely due to the price affordable for everyone.

ü Dogecoin is very popular with Asian investors, especially in Japan and Korea. Support from the richest countries in the region is driving an ever-growing demand.

ü The Dogecoin community has stood the test of time. The comic currency was able to stay afloat, while many promising projects disappeared from sight.

ü DOGE has a low transaction processing time and a small commission. Fast and cheap deals are exactly what people want.

Of course, there are a number of pitfalls around Dogecoin, which has been repeatedly used in fraudulent schemes and has been hacked.

Price analysis

For a cryptocurrency token without hard supply restrictions, the meme coin has many ardent buyers. The July surge in TikTok, the surge in early January and the most recent surge that saw DOGE up 1,100% in one day, means that DOGE has been one of the most efficient and widely recognized digital assets of the past seven months.

The technical indicators for DOGE were a bit wrinkled. However, the Fibonacci retracement tool has identified some possible areas of support for DOGE during a pullback.

DOGE’s further upside potential cannot be discounted, but the warning about no supply cap should be repeated.