When embarking on a kitchen renovation, the last thing you need to overlook is the ventilation of your stove. Get a good range hood to trap everything so you won’t have to worry about poor indoor air quality. In addition to this main purpose, range hood also provides extra lighting and contribute to keeping your kitchen look cleaner, not to mention, increasing your home value.

So to help you choose a great range hood, we’ve have rounded up some few things you should consider.


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Your options

Knowing your option is the very first step toward having the right range hood. There are different types of range hood on the market, but not all of them will fit your kitchen design.

These include:

  • Under the cabinet — The under cabinet range hoods are the most common type; they are an affordable choice and they do fit any kitchen designs. They are effective and easy to install, but they are a little expensive.
  • Wall mount — Wall -mount range hood works where there is no cabinet. They are wider at the bottom, which makes them ideal choice to install over a stove located in a spot with no cabinet directed above them.
  • Island Hoods — Has a similar design to wall mounted, however, they are designed for spaces without a wall to attach them.
  • Insert Hoods — These provide the primary functionality of the vent hood, they are easy to insert on the space of your design, are more affordable, but they may end up costing more because of their built and installation costs

It’s always important to choose the one that will fit your need. If you are living in a rented place where you don’t have much freedom to make a modification, you may have to choose a ducted hood. A detailed range hood buying guide will help you understand the one that fits your kitchen style and needs.

The look

The basic range hood will not add much to your kitchen space in terms of aesthetics. It is a good idea to choose a vent hood that will look attractive in your kitchen. Island and wall hoods are contesters when it comes to looks, but you can also choose inserts hoods since the designer can customize it to your needs.


The size should be related to the surface area of your cooktops. Typically this is not a requirement, but it allows the smoke and food particles drifting up to be caught on the hood before spreading throughout the kitchen. Choose a large range hood; it may be expensive, but totally worth it and also make sure you get the dimensions right.

The Power

The more powerful the vent hood is, the more effective it will be when it comes to doing its job. If you do hefty cooking and flying, get a range hood whose power is at least 100 CFM per linear foot for wall mounted hoods and 150CFM for island hoods. Note that ductless model will not provide you with the same power as ducked ones.


Ducted range hood requires a complicated installation and will generally require a professional. If the installation is a concern to you, then choose a simple ductless model. In most cases, paying the extra money for installation is totally worth it, so weight your options and see what works for you.

You have plenty of options when it comes to range hood, so you shouldn’t have trouble choosing the one that suits your needs and kitchen design. Make sure you consider technical factors, such as the dimension, noise, lighting options, remote control, filter cleaning features, and fan speed. All these contribute to having the best range hood.