As we venture deeper and deeper into the cold winter months, it’s more important than ever to ensure your home heating system is well maintained so it can keep you feeling toasty. Whether you’re working from home or commuting, nothing feels better than cosying down on an evening in your warm home.

Although it’s never the top of our to-do list, here are some ways you can maintain your boiler and heating system so its working efficiently for you during winter.


You may never have imagined that your heating system needs cleaning, but like anything in the home, a build-up of dirt can make your heating run much less efficiently and end up costing you more in heating bills. An unclean heating system can also cause permanent damage that will require you to call out an engineer, ultimately costing you even more money. Save your pennies and keep on top of cleaning it.

One top tip is to run your heating system on low regularly, as this allows water to flow through the pipes and clear out any build up that’s occurred from it not being used. If you think there may be a substantial build-up of dirt in your heating system, don’t panic. It may be a good idea to call an engineer to clean it thoroughly, as it can be dangerous to clean it yourself. If you’re not familiar with these maintenance procedures, it is best to keep yourself at bay. Licensed professionals like those at will take over to have your system fixed in no time.

Pressure checks

Noticed that it’s dropped colder or that the boiler pressure has increased or decreased? This could be a sign that there’s an issue that needs looking at. Check your boiler pressure gauge – the pressure should be between the 1 and 2 bar, although it can sometimes rise to 2.5. If you notice anything that’s out of this range, call your heating engineer to service the boiler, as there may be an underlying issue that’s affecting it.

Calling out an engineer might seem like an expensive option, but trust us when we say it works out a lot cheaper than having to replace the boiler when it breaks!

Regular servicing

Remember that many of the issues with your boiler are probably not on the surface level. As they’re such a complex and intricate system, it’s wise to get your boiler and heating system serviced regularly by a professional like Boiler Central.. This will ensure that it’s not only complying with regulations, but that it’s working at its best.

If you’re worried about having to pay for your boiler if something happens, you could get yourself boiler cover which will protect you if it breaks down or if there’s a fault. Cover could also give you access to annual boiler services that will help to alleviate any major problems that can happen!