So hubby took today off since yesterday was Turkey Day and they obviously don’t celebrate that here but we still like to have at least a little bit of the tradition even if we don’t cook the huge meal (yet – next year I just might have to lol). Since we still have quite a few things to do regarding the house, we decided to use today to get some of those things accomplished. One of those tasks was going to IKEA to make a final decision on the cabinets and to get everything ordered. We also needed to look at counter tops since one of those will be quite essential in the future.

It always amazes us the sheer number of people that always seem to be at IKEA…or anywhere for that matter. There are always people out shopping no matter what the day of the week is or the time of the day. You may think that everyone will be at work but apparently no one actually does work in this country anymore…but back on topic.

We were pleased to get someone working there who seemed to know what he was doing and since we were over prepared and actually had our whole kitchen drawn out and all that, the ordering process was extremely quick…and considering it was super warm in there, that was a very good thing.

We almost made it out of the store without buying something but not quite. Some delicious candles caught my attention and I wouldn’t have taken them except hubby had already grabbed a linen blanket for himself since he’s not happy with the fleece one he has on the couch now. We had to stop to pay a deposit on our kitchen anyway so why not pick up something extra, right? lol

The kitchen should be delivered in a few weeks which will be excellent because we hope the kitchen stuff will be mostly finished by then as well. Then we can start assembling all the pieces of the kitchen and hopefully as soon as the floor is in and the walls are done, they can start putting it all together. Who knows, maybe we can even get most of that accomplished before Christmas.