We’re not really sure at the moment that Ayla is having all that much fun on this vacation so far. Yesterday we drove from Frankfurt to Locarno, Switzerland, which meant about 7 hours in the truck traveling. She’s always great during car rides but we could tell she was happy to be out of

When we arrived in Locarno, we checked into the apartment hotel where we are staying but left her in the car since the owners didn’t know yet just what kind of dog we have. ๐Ÿ˜‰ As it turns out, they’ve recently gotten a Chihuahua which weighs in at a whopping 4 kilos. The dog is really cute and very sweet and it made me consider getting a “hand bag dog” like this…but it’s not too likely lol. The two dogs did get to meet in the afternoon when we bumped into the owners and thankfully the owners didn’t seem too freaked out by her size.

During the afternoon, we went up to scope out a few climbing areas which involved a bit of hiking around the areas. By the time we got home, Ayla was very worn out, thankfully, since we’re in the middle of the city and there aren’t any nice walking paths around like at home.

We went to a pizzeria around the corner for dinner and Ayla was very well behaved most of the evening. She even got to have her first taste of ice cream which she seemed to enjoy quite a bit…at least that’s what the ice cream beard indicated to us. ๐Ÿ™‚

We had another full day today and Ayla got to witness us climbing for the first time. Unfortunately not for long since there were TONS of people there and we didn’t stay long. Then we tried out a few more places which required more car rides and more hiking…

We now have a VERY tired puppy on our hands which should equal a very peaceful dinner. A tired dog equals a good dog, right?

She’s made quite a few fans here in Locarno today and has been loving every second of it…she’s also raised a few eyebrows. When we were coming back from the ice cream parlor last night, we came across a family with a little boy. When he saw Ayla, he turned to his dad and asked, “Do they have a bear??” We got quite a laugh out of that one! But so far, the people haven’t been quite as friendly to her as they were in Italy where random people would just come up to her on the street. But that’s ok too…otherwise we might not get anywhere at all.