Buying your own home is probably the happiest moment of anyone’s life. But that happiness soon turns into dust when your house doesn’t heat up in the winters or the air conditioners aren’t efficient enough to cool it up in the boiling summers; not to mention the other expenses and problems that can come in your way in the form of roof leakages and drafty doors and windows. To make sure you don’t fall prey to any scam, there are certain tests you should carry out before buying a property. Checking all these boxes are mandatory if you want a good house with a fully functioning electrical, plumbing, and gas system. 

So let’s get into it:

Tests you should carry out before buying a property in London

  • PAT testing

When buying a new property, it’s necessary to make sure that all the appliances found inside are working in tip-top condition. Since one can be easily scammed by the shining appearance of house appliances, carrying out a professional Portable Appliance Test is an effective way to ease down your worries. It will make sure that all the appliances placed in the house are fully and properly functional and hazard-free. The test includes different ratings that signify the current condition and performance of your appliances. If everything is fine, you will be issued a proper certificate.

  • Electrical Installation Condition Report

Shortly known as the EICR report, it’s an electrical certificate issued after a thorough check-up of your house’s electrical installation by a highly qualified electrician. The report makes sure that the electrical system in your house is working just fine and hazard-free. The certificate is only issued when the electrical system of a household is working as per current regulatory standards specified by the British law. Since any fault in the electrical system can lead to life-threatening situations like electrical shocks and house fires. Moreover, a faulty electrical system is of no use anyway. You don’t want to sink your hard-earned money into something utterly useless. 

  • CP12

Where a faulty electrical system is inconvenient, a fault gas system is a hazard that serves as a major cause for house fires each year, holding its position as the most life-taking threat to household safety. Furthermore, your house’s heating system is also compromised as a result that affects our life in many ways; something you don’t want in freezing winters. All in all, the problems are many, therefore they should be identified before you proceed in moving to or buying a new house. 

To make sure everything is working in tiptop condition, carrying out a gas safety test or CP12 is of prime importance. For that, one must consult a qualified gas safe engineer who is able to thoroughly check all your gas appliances, connections, and any leaks that can pose threats. After everything is checked and are certified to be reaching the current obligations as suggested by the law, the CP12 certificate is issued to the landlord. 

Before you buy a house, ask for the certificate first, and make sure that it is carried out in the most recent year to avoid any scams. 


  • Plumbing test

Well, a small problem in the bathroom faucet isn’t something you’ll regret after buying the house, It’s still better to have a thorough look at the bathroom sinks, faucets, and showers to make sure they are working perfectly. Since you’ll be paying for every single part of the house, a simple check will point out the spots where the landlord must work to give you a perfect one. 

  • Leakage testing

Though leaks might be a bit tricky to spot, at least give a thorough check to the rooftop and gutters. See if the roof has any repair patches from the recent past. Moreover, run a stream of water through the gutters to see if they are neat and clean and allow full water drainage. Just like that, Its also recommended to have a nice look at the inside and outside drains and see if they are working properly. You don’t want to have a leaky house; not because it just allows water seepage, but the potential problems that come with it.

  • See the basement walls

Among all the house parts, basement walls are the most vulnerable to water damage. And quite rightly, since they are at the lowest portion of the house. So when you are checking out the house, make sure to grant it a visit and check it thoroughly. If you smell or see any dampness, don’t forget to enquire the homeowner about the situation. Besides, an experienced assessor on your side will be of great help in this regard. 

Most of the times while performing tests we leave the most important equipment especially in winters that is boiler. Most of the landlords install it before selling a property to increase its value but problems is they don’t install a new one. Whenever finalizing price of a property make sure you check that boiler is in good condition and boiler servicing is done on time or not. If a boiler is too old or if its not maintained properly you will face a lot of problems and may end up installing a new one. 

Need professional help?

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