Often living alone is a great experience as you can do what you want when you want. You can also furnish and decorate your home however you like without having to consult a partner. If you are a single man living alone, why not turn your property into the ultimate man cave? Here are some ideas on how to furnish your bachelor pad and turn it into a dream abode.

The Furniture

Furniture is one of the essential ingredients that go into the man-cave recipe. Most men will steer clear of flowery fabrics, furry cushions, lacey window dressings, and rose gold furnishings and opt for lots of dark leather, chrome, and wood.
A classic bachelor pad has contemporary living room furniture such as a large leather sofa with cup holders, a wooden unit to house audiovisual appliances, some bookcases, and maybe a couple of luxury reclining chairs from the Lay Z Boy range. Most men have collections of CDs and DVDs, so a storage unit for these is a must, as well as a large coffee table to hold bowls of snacks and cans of drink.
The ultimate man cave would probably have a drinks fridge in the lounge or a full-on built-in drinks bar complete with spirit dispensers and draught taps. A bar counter and high stools will complete the look.
The bedroom will be furnished with a large bed made of either dark wood, upholstered with dark-colored leather, or suede. A couple of nightstands are a must to house personal possessions such as watches, books, and even some packets of condoms for the nights featuring some female company. A professional, image-conscious bachelor will need a wardrobe and chest of drawers in which to store clothes.
Most properties belonging to men have a minimalist, sleek look much like that of a classy hotel with lots of dark furniture with leather and chrome accents.

The Decor

As mentioned before, most men don’t want soft flowery furnishings and pretty pastel colors in their home. Most opt for white walls and wooden floors or a dark-toned carpet. Shades of grey, dark blue, and chocolate go well in a manly property.
Some men love to display art depicting their passions on the walls, such as movie posters of their favorite films, framed football or baseball shirts, or portraits of musicians and bands they are into – they may even hand a couple of real guitars on the wall.
Bachelor pads rarely have floaty, fussy window dressings such as net curtains or flouncy Roman blinds. A man cave looks best with wooden or metal Venetian blinds or some plain colored curtains hanging from a wooden or chrome curtain pole. Soft furnishing such as cushions and bedding might have images of pin-up girls, motorbikes, or band memorabilia emblazoned across them. Rugs can add a bit of coziness or comfort, but never feminine softness and colors.

The Equipment

Many man caves are full of gadgets. Everything that can be automated is. Remote control curtains, blinds, lights, TVs, stereos are all essentials in a single man’s home. The tv needs to be as large as possible and flat-screen so that sports games can be watched by a bunch of guys in comfort and luxury. A great stereo system or a soundbar will provide the clearest sound possible.
The kitchen should be filled with gadgets too. For guys who love to cook, there are plenty of fabulous innovations available such as products made by Ninja, such as the Ninja Foodi, which steams, sautés, fries, roasts, and pressure cooks food, the Ninja blender that is great for whipping up a healthy smoothie in minutes and the Ninja coffee grinder that grinds coffee beans to the perfect consistency. The black and chrome exterior of these products look great in a masculine kitchen.

A fantastic coffee machine for late-night pick-me-ups or early morning hangovers is a must. Coffee enthusiasts will love the Sage Oracle Touch fully automated coffee machine that makes espresso, cappuccino, latte, long black and flat white coffees at the touch of a button. Better still, the device even cleans itself after use.

A large fridge is a must to store plenty of food and beers. If cooking is something that rarely happens, the man cave will need a decent microwave to heat up ready meals or reheat last night’s Chinese takeaway leftovers. A dishwasher is another essential gadget for a bachelor pad as who wants to stand and do dishes when there is football to watch, a lady to entertain, or video games to play!