Now that winters are approaching; we can’t stop thinking about sweaters and pullovers. This season, you need a collection of high-quality sweater for men and sweater for women that do not only keep you warm but also make you look ravishing. This clothing is as important as the rest of the garments in your wardrobe, and hence it becomes imperative to own a variety of smart sweaters.

Now, if you have no idea what you need to look for when you begin your sweater shopping, then here we provide you with a deep insight into the kind of sweaters that deserve to occupy a position in your wardrobe.

Things to consider while buying a sweater 

So, what is the most important thing to look for when buying a sweater? Here is the list for you.

The material

One of the most vital things to consider while buying a sweater is the material it is made up of. The fundamental of this piece of garment is to keep you protected from harsh weather conditions and freezing climates. This is why the material plays a significant role in the quality of the sweater.

There are various types of material of sweater available in the market. Wool is probably the best material you can invest in as it will ensure to keep you warm and cozy. It has a wonderful ability to retain heat and has a high insulation level. Wool is the most commonly used material to make a sweater for men and women from many centuries.

There are many grades of wool; you must go with the highest you can afford. Wool is not very pricey, but the top-quality and soft wool may cost you higher as compared to the low-quality wool that uses a shorter fiber.

Cashmere is a form of wool that is made from the fiber of Cashmere goats. The warmth provided by cashmere is lower than the wool, but it also retains heat properly.  Cashmere is a material that is easy to wear and maintain. It is a very soft and high-quality fabric that yields a warm and soft feel.

Cotton sweaters are a cheap option that is also easy to maintain and simple to wash. They are widely available all over. It is made from high-quality cotton and an excellent option for not so cool weather. It is the perfect sweater for women at the beach or during a spring evening.

The size

The look of the sweater will also depend on the factor ho perfectly it fits you. Though you can afford to wear loose sweaters too but to wear a body-hugging sweater for men might rip it apart. It should look well-fitted but should not look as if it trapped you. It is important to get it right.

While searching the sweaters online, it is crucial to take your measurements and then explore the collection. Ensure to measure your sweater chest size, sweater length, and sleeve length.  The ideal way to measure is to ask someone to measure the length starting from the back of your collar to your waist.  To measure sleeve length, start from your shoulder blade and go up to your wrist.

Consider the fabrics to shrink a bit too after the first wash.

The styles

There are huge varieties of the style of sweater for men and women. You can safely opt for the crew neck sweaters. The lightweight crew necks made of wool material can be worn under a jacket. It is a classic style of sweater for men with a round neckline and a narrow band of ribbing. If you want to go with a minimal style, then this is the ideal option.

V-Neck allows a visible necktie and works best with collared shirt. V neck sweater for women in a cardigan design can be worn in casual winter gatherings.

To make a style statement, go for turtle style sweater or shawl neck. While turtle neck is a sweater with a tall collar that is folded over on itself, shawl neck is a sweater for men who want business casuals.

There has been tremendous innovation in the styles and designs of the sweaters for women and men. Many niche and elite brands have come up with unique styles and designer sweaters to leave you awe-struck. It is fantastic to see so much variety and features to make a timeless piece.