Do you avoid foreign travel because of the difficulty of applying for a visa? Several Indians are hesitant to travel overseas, partly because they believe that applying for a visa includes too many uncertainties. When your visa request is denied, all of your carefully planned efforts may be thwarted.

Yet, with this visa on arrival for Indian passport policies, you may fulfill all the appropriate documentation after landing at your foreign land. Just provide a few papers plus pay the required costs to receive full accessibility to your desired location. As a regular traveler, you should be aware of the distinctions between visa-free, visa on entry, as well as e-visa.

Countries that provide Indians with Visas on Arrival

While various countries provide visas on landing, let’s examine a few of the top-rated vacation locations that enable visas on arrival for Indian passport owners.

  • Thailand

Thailand seems to be a popular destination for Indian tourists of various ages because of its beautiful beaches. The atmosphere is pleasant all year, helping guests experience whatever activities they have scheduled for the vacation.

Thailand Visa Requirements for Indians:

  1. The visa option would be a visa on arrival for an Indian passport—up to fifteen days.
  2. Visa fees are 2,000 Baht (around Rupees. 4600) per passenger.
  3. Travel Insurance- Thailand Traveling Coverage by Numeric starts at Rupees 200 (including Goods and services tax) for each individual has a $50,000 sum insured.
  • Indonesia

When a travel enthusiast thinks about Indonesia, the first location that springs immediately into his head is undoubtedly Bali. Yet, the country has a number of magnificent tourist attractions that you might visit. Aside from the beautiful oceans and beaches, visitors may also try local foods and observe wild animals here.

 Indonesia Visa Requirements for Indians

  1. Visa Exemption – Indian citizens are not required to obtain a visa.
  2. Up to Thirty days.
  3. Visa Fees – None
  4. Travel Insurance- Digit’s Indonesian Travel Insurance policies for each adult begin from Rupees. 175 (including GST) each day of staying, having a $50,000 maximum sum insured.
  • Mauritius

Mauritius, another gem of the Indo Ocean, seems to be a favorite destination for Indian visitor. The availability of coastlines plus top-class hotels promotes luxury tourism to the area. Adventurers can choose from various aquatic sports, including scuba diving and bathing with dolphins.

Mauritius Visa Requirements for Indians:

  1. Visa on arrival is for Indian passport owners.
  2. Term – Approximately Sixty days
  3. Visa fees are waived.
  4. Travel Insurance- Digit’s Mauritian Travel Coverage for Single adults, begins from 177 every day, having a $50,000 sum insured.
  • Nepal

Because of the prominence of Mount Everest and other Himalayan mountainous regions, Nepal would be a paradise for hikers and mountain climbers. Aside from the stunning peaks and highlands, visitors may also immerse themselves in the residents’ unique traditions and heritage. Nepal has been among the most popular overseas places for Indians because of its connectivity to India.

Nepal Visa Requirements for Indians:

  1. Visa Category – Visa on Arrival for Indian passport holders
  2. Term – Approximately 150 days
  3. Visa fees are waived.
  4. Travel Insurance- Digit’s Nepalese Insurance Coverage for each individual begins from

Rupees. 175, which covers the sum insured of $50,000.

  • Maldives

The Maldives would be another beachfront location that you should see at least once. The beautiful beaches are ideal for romantic getaways. If you enjoy underwater activities, the Maldives provides many exciting options for you.

  1. Maldives Visa Requirements for Indians:
  2. Visa kind – Visa on arrival for Indian passport holders
  3. Visa fees are waived.
  4. Travel Insurance- Digit’s Maldivian Travel Insurance plan for each adult begins from Rupees. 175 each day for staying, having a $50,000 maximum sum insured.


Indian nationals planning to go overseas should recheck this data with the International Office within India or perhaps the Indian Office overseas, among some other places. Please double-check whether the nations above currently offer Visa-on-Arrival for Indian passport owners as visa regulations change.