Ayla the Newf

Ayla, the coolest Newfie in town

Ayla, the coolest Newfie in town

Welcome to my page!

I’m Ayla von der Schelder Muehle, an 11-year-old Newfoundland dog, born February 23, 2006. Although a lady rarely shares her weight, I will tell you that I weigh about 100 pounds and am relatively small for a Newfie. But anything I lack in size, I more than make up for in personality! I’m the first Newfie my family has ever had… my mom has had all sorts of other dogs before, from Cocker Spaniels to Pomeranians to Shar Peis–but none of them were nearly as big as me. And my dad had never had a dog before me even though he always wanted one.

I moved out of my fur-mom’s place when I was 8 weeks old. That was in April 2006. I actually barely managed to leave the nest then because I was slightly under the weight requirement. But that’s mostly because I was super active all the time, running around and keeping myself in shape. I also started out as the smallest of the litter and I’ve never really managed to catch up.

When I moved into my new home, I really turned the place upside down. I tested all my boundaries over and over again, and even made my human mom cry the first day she was left alone with me. My teeth were sharp, I was full of energy and I refused to listen to reason.

The first six months were crazy and I really didn’t start to calm down at all until I hit 1 years old. Even then I was still a nut and loved to cause trouble. The good news is that I rarely ate or broke anything that was important…I think that’s the only thing that saved my life early on. 😉

Once I turned 2 years old, I calmed down some more and started to be a fairly good dog (or so I was told–I thought I was always good). At about the same time, my human mom’s belly started to grow and I kept hearing the humans talking about babies, which I have always loved. My fur-mom lives in a house with 3 kids…they were the best!

She's a climber, just like us :)

I love to climb!

I like to play nanny for my own little girl, now.From the first day they brought Mackenzie home, I have been watching out for her. I mean someone has to in this huge farm! I always keep an eye on the little one, cover her in kisses every chance I get (which makes her giggle) and locate Mackenzie first whenever I walk into the room. You may not believe it, but even though the baby is really small, I have been super careful around here and never knocked her over or even stepped on her. I can’t say the same about my humans–I step on them daily and knock them over from time to time too.

When I turned three, I started hearing things like, “You’re the perfect dog, Ayla.” And, “We tried teaching you that for years–now you just do it on your own? What the??” I do remind my humans from time to time that I am still a dog and I will always have a wild streak, but that’s part of being a Newfie. If you want a boring dog you don’t get a Newfoundland…and definitely not a Landseer!

Come learn more about me and read my personal posts, Ayla’s Thoughts.