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I’m Tiffany, the editor-in-chief of this blog, No Ordinary Homestead, which has been online since 2006. (If you’re looking for advertising info, click here) I’m also a happy wife, mom to an awesome teenager, and fur-mom to our two cats and a Great Dane.

Thanks for stopping by No Ordinary Homestead, a lifestyle blog where I regularly post about travel experiences, beautiful places, yummy foods and ways to live a healthier, happier life.

I’ve published over 2400 posts on topics from travel to photography to aromatherapy. A lot of the first posts on this blog were about our home renovations in our 1830’s German farmhouse.

My husband, Stefan, and I are lucky to have shared an amazing 23 years. He is not only my soul mate but also my best friend who loves a good adventure as much as I do. 

During our first two decades together, we’ve worked hard and built up our own marketing and consulting agency so that we can help others grow their businesses. And we’ve created several online ventures of our own too.

One day, when we grow up,  we plan to become travel bums and see the world. We’re looking forward to sharing those adventures with you too.


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7 Reasons to Rent A House During Your Next Vacation

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Customized Birthday Invites with ZERO Hassle!

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The Travel Bug

We spent the first two decades of our lives together working really hard, and traveling whenever we could. It was never often enough and we still have a whole lot of world to see. Here are some of our favorite trips:

Life in Naples

Our home base in the US is Naples, Florida, which not only has a lot active residents but also receives quite a few tourists every year.   We will be focusing on adding new guides for Naples and the surrounding areas in 2018.

How to Organize Your Life

We had a life-changing experience when we moved across Germany. After a decade of upsizing homes, with the motherlode being a huge farmhouse with 10,000 sq. ft. of storage space near Frankfurt, we decided to radically downsize to an 1800 sq. ft. apartment in Berlin. I learned then that clutter only weighs you down, and you’re always better off letting go. Here are a few posts to help you get statred if you’ve got too much stuff:

Live Balanced

It can be really hard to find balance in your life as you juggle career, family, home and more. I myself know from raising a child, supporting my husband, running multiple businesses, taking care of our pets, and keeping our household running smoothly!

Expat Life in Germany

After graduating college, we moved to Germany and spent 13 years there before moving back to Florida. While there, we learned a lot about the local culture and some of the many differences of living there. We also got to know Berlin quite well so don’t miss the two-part 24 Hours in Berlin Guide if you’re traveling there soon.

Favorite Foods

I love to eat and sharing recipes is always a fun way to pass on the knowledge about delicious creations we’ve made.  Here are a few of our family favorites:

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