If you are looking to add some glitz and glamour but you are working within a budget then it is time to get creative and make some minor touches which are going to make your bathroom look like a million dollars.

We have got some great little tricks for you to employ in your bathroom that are going to make people believe that you have dropped some serious cash on this room Let’s take a look at some of the ingenious tricks which you can try out.

Mirror Mirror

A standard, frameless and rectangular mirror is not going to do you any favors when you are looking to add some style to the bathroom, which is why you need to go bold. A backlit mirror is the way forward here, they look sleek and stylish and most importantly, they look pricy. You can get a backlit mirror at Clearlight Designs which look 10 times more expensive than their price tag.

Classy Containers

The devil is really in the detail here and that is why a small investment in some classy containers for holding your soap and shampoo is going to help your bathroom look that little bit more chic. This is a simple touch which helps create that feeling of a pricy bathroom, and you can achieve it without having to spend very much money at all.

Glitzy Gold

Gold just screams richness and wealth doesn’t it? This is exactly why you ought to look at adding some to your bathroom, and again you can do this without having to spend very much money at all. Taps, light fittings and rails can all come in gold plated varieties which give the appearance that you have gone big on solid gold fittings. The gold plating looks amazing and will really give the bathroom that feeling of pure luxury.

In Your Face Art

Who puts big pieces of art in a bathroom? Wealthy people, and that is why you should follow suit. The difference here of course will be that you won’t have Renoirs or DaVincis on your wall, but rather large scale printed pieces which will give almost the same impact. If you put the art on the wall and it feels oversize, then that is the exact look which you want.

Big Lighting 

A final trick which you can look to use in the bathroom to make it look more expensive is to go really big with the lighting. Instead of a basic shade, spend a little extra on a hanging chandelier, even if it is made using plastic. The bigger the light the more impressive the impact is and it will really give off vibes which make visitors think that you have spent big on your bathroom.

If you can tie these ticks together you are going to end up with a bathroom which looks seriously expensive and the truth is that nobody is going to know any different.