You probably have a lot of handmade and organic items in your home. Maybe you use only natural cleaning products and do your best to always steer clear of the commercial pesticide aisle at your local home improvement store. If so, this article could be the one that changes the way you think about sleep. Imagine if you owned a natural mattress, just like you own organic honey and beeswax candles. Imagine if you slept on only the safest, most planet-friendly materials and found them luxuriously soft and sleep-inducing. We tried out some brands selling a natural mattress and found one we think you’re going to love for all the right reasons.

Meet the Avocado Green Mattress

The Avocado green mattress isn’t made from avocados, but it is made BY Avocado — a relatively new company that burst on the scene around 2016. Avocado is a brand that’s serious about creating safe, sustainable comfort products such as mattresses, pillows, and bedding. They use only organic and ethically sourced materials in their natural products, and they have the awards and certifications to show for it. Their green mattress is constructed of multiple layers of organic fibers that wrap around coils of recycled steel. The end result is an environmentally friendly mattress that’s luxuriously conducive to sleep.

What’s Different About This Natural Mattress?

Many products today claim to be natural or organic, but not every company is truthful about what goes into the items they manufacture. Avocado is the real deal. One of only three mattress brands in the world to earn MADE SAFE recognition, they guarantee ethical, sustainable choices along their entire supply line.

The Avocado green mattress is made with organic wool that has been sourced from sheep farms owned by Avocado. Avocado also owns the rubber trees that are used to produce the latex. Add to this other natural fibers such as mohair, flax, and soft, organic cotton, and you have the makings of a mattress that’s cool, comfortable, and oh so luxurious to lie on. Recycled steel coils give the mattress its firmness.

The Avocado green mattress contains no harsh or harmful chemicals to off-gas volatile odors. Additionally, it’s made by employees who earn a living wage in facilities that minimize waste. You can feel good about owning products made by Avocado because this is one company that has their priorities straight.

Benefits of a Natural Mattress

Mattresses made of natural fibers such as wool, mohair, and cotton feel different. Wool naturally wicks moisture away, so you don’t wake up drenched in sweat. Meanwhile, natural fibers feel cool and soft as they cradle your body in ultimate comfort. There’s no odor generated by a natural mattress, because no harsh chemicals were used to make it. And you won’t have to worry about allergic reactions, because the Avocado green mattress is hypoallergenic. But there are benefits beyond personal comfort:

  • No animals are abused in the making.
  • Employees are treated well.
  • Factories minimize waste products.
  • Farmland is ethically utilized
  • >No toxic pesticides or chemicals are used.

When you purchase home goods from companies such as Avocado, you’re taking a stand against pollution, erosion, and exploitation of people and property. Avocado is one of the good guys, and it feels good to support a company that strives to give back to the environment.

No-Risk Guarantee

Avocado is so sure you’ll fall in love with their green mattress that they offer a 1-year warranty. If you don’t love it after a year of sleeping on it, you can return it for free with free shipping. This was one of the reasons why we wanted to try out their natural mattress, and we’re so glad we did. A natural mattress can truly change your whole sleep experience. Wake up feeling refreshed and well-rested, and lie down at night knowing you’ve made a contribution to the planet.

If you’re in the market for an all-natural mattress, we recommend Avocado’s green mattress for all the reasons listed above. It’s a decision you’ll feel good about making, and there’s no risk involved. Returning it is free and easy, but we’re pretty sure you’re going to want to hold onto this soft, cushy comfort for many years to come.