Hi. It’s great to know that you are interested in advertising on No Ordinary Homestead.

No Ordinary Homestead is a lifestyle blog about the experiences of one 30-something American expat who moved to Germany “for just 2-3 years” in 2001. Twelve years later, after many great adventures in Europe, we made the trip back over the pond and settled in Southwest Florida.

Topics that I frequently blog about are:

  • Balanced living
  • Intentional living
  • Real Food Cooking
  • Natural living
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Life as an expat in Germany
  • Motivation & overall wellness
  • Self-sufficient living
  • Travel
  • Photography

I also write product reviews and host giveaways. If you would like to submit a product for review, please contact me at tiffany AT for my U.S. mailing address. Reviews are written based on my own honest opinion of the product but if I am completely dissatisfied with a product, I would rather give the company feedback privately versus publicizing a horribly negative review. Please allow approximately 2 weeks for a review to be published, after the product has been thoroughly tested.


Ad options

There are several ad options available, for both text and graphic ads.

A text link in a sidebar: place a single text link on the homepage or in a specific category of the blog — $250/year, $160/6 months or $90/3 months.

If you would like a purchase a text link packaged within a related-topic post (but not showcasing your products specifically), otherwise known as a sponsored post, the price is $275 per post.

Commercial guest posts (those written by someone other than myself which may contain one link to a for-profit blog or website in the post) are accepted with a fee of $150 per post. Only high quality content will be accepted. This fee does not apply if your website is a non-profit organization or if you are linking to your own personal blog (i.e. one like No Ordinary Homestead).

The following graphic ad options are also available. If any of these ads are purchased for multiple months at a time, a 15% discount is available. Jpeg & gif ads are welcome.

  • Small Ad (120 x 68 pixels) — 1 Month:  $45
  • Medium Ad (125 x 125 pixels) — 1 Month:  $60
  • Large Ad (200 x 200 pixels) 1 Month:  $85

Ad space is also available in the weekly No Ordinary Homestead tips & life hacks newsletter.

No Ordinary Homestead Stats

As of February 2014

  • Site Visitors (monthly) – 38.567
  • Page Views (monthly) – 102,710
  • Bounce Rate – 0.15%

Reader Demographics

  • Traffic sources
    1. United States: 58.721%
    2. Germany: 7.02%
    3. United Kingdom 6.94%
    4. Canada:  5.89%
  • Readership:  73% female, 27% male
  • 44% of readers are between the ages of 25 -44
  • 47% have children
  • 56% are college graduates

If you have questions or would like more information, please contact me, Tiffany, at tiffany at