Living Dining Flip Flop

Have you every done something in your home that you thought was fairly innocent and no big deal...and realized shortly thereafter that it would change the whole way you feel about your living space? That's exactly what happened to us a few months ago when we flipped our living room and dining room spaces in our home!   A Little Bit About Our Condo When we bought our condo here in SW Florida, it was completely furnished. We brought a few pieces of furniture with us when we left … [Continue Reading]


Motivate yourself, the healthy way!

Worried about your future? Worried about your financial status, reputation, family and so on? It's time to take a few moments from your busy schedule and read these points below. We have tried to compile it in a way that you can motivate yourself the healthy way.   Feel good The ‘feel good’ factor is pure magic. Even if there are too many obstacles in your way, you can stay calm and tackle them as they come. However, you need to actually ‘feel’ good. Whenever the dark trouble … [Continue Reading]


DIY Statue Makeover with Rust-oleum Paint

We have a dead corner in our bathroom that we've been wondering what to do with since we moved in. It's behind the big corner garden tub in our master bath which never really gets used. There's no natural light in our bathroom so real plants are out of the question (not to mention that plants and I have a love / hate relationship lately). And it's only about a foot deep which makes it hard to find anything useful. So about two months ago, we were wandering around in Marshall's and came across … [Continue Reading]


Finding Balance


Can you lose weight without loving yourself?

Have you been trying to lose weight but feel like you’re hitting a wall? Have you ever considered that you might be able to lose weight not only be going to the gym, but also by starting therapy? … [Read More...]

Finding a Healthy Life Balance

It can often be difficult to find a healthy life balance when you are a busy mother. … [Read More...]

How to Help Your Loved One Through His Midlife Crisis

Oh, the midlife crisis… It’s something we all dread, but never realize until it’s too … [Read More...]

Motivate yourself, the healthy way!

Worried about your future? Worried about your financial status, reputation, family … [Read More...]

Foodie Desires


Catering For Those With Food Intolerances

With the Holidays just around the corner, you're bound to encounter people who have many preferences and dietary needs when it comes to whatever you're serving. Food intolerance and food … [Read More...]

Jack-o-Lantern Pancakes with TruMoo Orange Scream Milk

This post brought to you by TruMoo. All opinions are 100% mine. With Halloween … [Read More...]

Spicy Thai Butternut Squash Soup

  With fall approaching in so many places (we're even supposed to get a cool … [Read More...]

Succulent Barbecue Ribs in the Oven

Words can barely express how much we love these ribs. No seriously. We make them … [Read More...]

House & Home


3 Questions to Ask Before Exterminators Visit Your Home

If you have a pest problem in your home, you may be wondering what you need to be aware of when you call on pest control professionals to help you with the problem. If you have never needed to … [Read More...]

Tips for Setting the Mood in Your Home Office

Getting a home office workspace in shape requires planning. In order to work your … [Read More...]

Cheap Curb Appeal: Minimal Investment, Maximum Return

First impressions reign supreme in both life and real estate, and so improvements to … [Read More...]

One Sleek Small Kitchen Remodel

A friend of ours is a custom home builder and also does big home remodeling jobs here … [Read More...]

Natural Living


Doggie Dope Soap Review

We've been back in Florida about 1 1/2 years now (hard to imagine) and Ayla's skin and and coat have seen a bit of turmoil. It's hard for a dog with that much fur to avoid having issues in a … [Read More...]

11 Companion Gardening Ideas to Banish Pests

Insects are often such a pain - especially when they are in your garden and all you … [Read More...]

Essential Oils for Common Ailments

For those just getting their feet wet with essential oils, there is a whole lot to … [Read More...]

Organise Your Garden For That Perfect Summer Party

Whether you live in the Northern Hemisphere or "down under" like Lara (the other of … [Read More...]