How To Prepare For Holiday House Guests

As the holiday season comes closer into view, it’s time to plan ahead for holiday guests. You’re ahead of the game if you already know that Aunt Sarah is coming to visit, or your cousin Jill will be in town during a certain week. Single travelers are...


roasting pumpkin seeds

{Garden Life} Roasting Pumpkin Seeds

Garden Life is a day early this week for several reasons. One is that it’s Thanksgiving and two is that Mackenzie is turning 3 tomorrow. So my Friday is going to be SUPER busy as I prepare for our turkey dinner on Saturday and celebrate a bit with our little...


pumpkin puree

Make your own pumpkin puree

To me, Thanksgiving is not officially Thanksgiving without pumpkin pie. There were several years here in Germany that we just let Thanksgiving day slip by, cooking something traditionally American for the day, but not really going to all the trouble. And a few times,...


10 Things I’m Thankful For In 2011

Since Thanksgiving is rapidly approaching (and I’m going to be running around like the Tazmanian Devil for a few days), I thought I should take a few calm moments to write about the things I’m thankful for in my life. Most of these are things that...


Ten Steps to a Happy Thanksgiving

I know it’s hard to believe, but Thanksgiving is literally just around the corner. I kind of hyperventilated a little when went on eBay yesterday and it said 47 days until Christmas! With only 16 days left until the main turkey event, now is the time to start...


Capturing Thanksgiving

I know you’re used to seeing my YouCapture contributions on Thursdays, but Beth gave us the assignment of capturing what we ate. Now that would have meant getting in photos of Thanksgiving treats for most…but since we’re here in Germany there they...