Welcome to the all new Natural Living Link Up which will be held on No Ordinary Homestead every Friday. Due to the fact that we have limited gardening space now, I figured it was time to retire the Garden Life linkup (after nearly a year) and flow into something that is more versatile for everyone.

You can still link up all your great gardening stuff here as you have in the past — but now you can add other elements as well, like:

  • Green & natural living
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  • Sustainable smartness
  • And other things related to living a more natural life

I thought I would start off this new linky with some inspiration I’ve found around the web lately. They are a lot of repurposing projects, some delicious recipes to try, smart DIY decorating projects as well as some other great ideas I’ve found. I hope you enjoy them as much as I have — and don’t forget to link up below!!

10 Easy, Smart Projects Found on Pinterest This Week!

1. For starters, this smart idea for hanging art work that is wickedly simple. We actually bought the supplies to do this at IKEA last weekend and are going to put up one or two strips in our dining room and put things like art by Mackenzie, prints of photos we’ve taken and so on, all in similar mats so they look uniform yet brilliant. This was actually shown as part of a William Morris Project idea and I just thoroughly loved it!


2. This is a really smart idea to hide your litter box…and since ours is kinda out in the open right now, I think something like this might be really smart. And we could probably fit it behind our wicker loungers too. Perhaps in combination with a box for our balcony gardening stuff! 😉


Source: ilpleut.be via Tiffany on Pinterest

3. I posted this smart idea on the NOH Facebook page earlier this week, but it’s just so great I have to share it again. Take old wire hangers from the dry cleaners, cut and bend them and voila, you’ve got some super practical hangers for your shoes. I’m already envisioning how we’re going to slightly modify my standing closet to make this work. It is going to be fabulous!



Source: buzzfeed.com via Tiffany on Pinterest

4. These rings are GENIUS! Apparently there is something really simple for kids called “Shrinky Dink” and can just create your pattern, bake it and voila, you’ve got jewelry. I am completely in love with it — and there is a super tutorial to go along with it!


5. I really wish I had seen this cool tutorial to make your own hanging light bulb vases before we trashed all the old light bulbs from the farm. Ugh


6. I know it still feels early, but Christmas will be here in a flash. And if you start preparing now, it won’t be so hard to get everything done! So check out this great collection of gifts for great neighbors, teachers, friends and so on!


7. How about something to fill your stomach? Anyone care to try making your own mozzarella cheese? I constantly here how easy it is to do — might just have to try it one day. If it tastes as good as the fresh buffalo mozzarella they sell at our local farmers’ market, we are in SERIOUS trouble!


8. Or how about making your own sweet Hawaiian bread? I remember getting the big round loaves of this all the time back in the day. Several times I had it filled with spinach dip — so delicious! I might have to try this out next week!


Source: food.com via Tiffany on Pinterest

9. Got a big birthday or anniversary party coming up? Need an idea to decorate the tables with. How about this wonderful runner idea using old photos put together. If you make copies and laminate them, you don’t have to worry about messing up your old photos — plus you can easily decorate multiple tables.


10. And finally, a great idea for a kid’s room, a bathroom or just about anywhere in the house. Just go to google, type in “_______ silhouette” (fill in the blank with your favorite animal, city, person, etc) then print the design out on cool wrapping paper, cut it out and frame it. So simple and yet so neat!


Source: flickr.com via Tiffany on Pinterest

What sort of smart projects and ideas have you come across this week? If you’re on Pinterest, you can follow me — and let me know so I can be sure to follow your boards too 🙂 And don’t forget to link up below!!

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