In life, we all too often tend to get caught up with the chaos and mayhem of everyday life, that we often forget to slow down and just enjoy the every day moments of life that are so special but may quickly pass us by.

  1. Kisses from Mackenzie, who gives them freely now when asked…even if they are a bit sloppy at times.
  2. The sound of her laughter when she’s really laughing about being tickled — it’s a full hearted giggle and squeal that cannot be paralleled.
  3. Freshly cut watermelon…the smell, the sight and the flavor.
  4. The smell of summer rain, regardless of the time of year, as it wafts through the open window. It’s such an unmistakable smell of flowers and freshness, warm weather…and summer.
  5. The scent of fresh cut grass lingering in the air.
  6. Changing colors of fall as they light up all the trees as far as the eye can see and taking walks in the leaf “snow” that ensues shortly after on a windy day.
  7. First signs of spring like tulips peeking out of the ground and trees beginning to bud. Or the constant chatter of birds outside the window as they renew their search for life underground. Spring is the sign of life renewed, when the world comes out of hibernation and warmer weather approaches. I’ve always been a warm weather girl at heart — so when the winter seems to be behind us, I’m definitely celebrating! Plus it means flip-flop weather is back!!
  8. palmengarten frankfurt

  9. Pure silence in the house in the mornings when the dog is still passed out by the front door and Mackenzie is still fast asleep. Those are the moments when I get the most done. Not that I don’t love their company, but I’m just not very productive when I’m being asked, “What’s that?” ever five minutes…or having a drooling face pushed into my lap.
  10. The smell of our barrel smoker, fire lit inside and meat slow cooking…and the smell of the fire and wood chips that linger on Stefan when he comes back inside.
  11. The warmth and comfort that comes from a hug — even when it’s from a random stranger. Ever seen someone offering free hugs? Try taking them up on it…they are therapeutic!

What simple things do you cherish?

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