Warning: I am about to show you just how big of a geek I really am…

Perhaps you’ are way more organized than us and you don’t hold on to stuff FOREVER. Maybe you don’t just have a drawer-full of old floppy disks lying around, which once held crucial information on them and were accepted by every computer in your house…but now only fit into the most dated and sluggish computers you own. Perhaps you don’t have a 2-year-old daughter who puts one of these under her feet and proclaims that it is a skate as she scoots around the kitchen floor with it. But in our house, all of these things are true.

Now I’m always trying to look at old things we don’t use anymore in new ways. Which I guess is partially why we end up with things just hanging around in our barn and all over the house. But, I firmly believe that you should try to reuse items before you just trash them; especially since I have experienced many moments over the last year when I realized I could have done something really cool with stuff I tossed…and now in order to do that project, I have to go buy something new. Not cool. So yeah, I fully support holding on to things just a little while until you discover a new use for them. And if you haven’t done that task within 6 months, then donate it, sell it, whatever…just get it outta there!

I was not all that surprised that there are people showing off their abilities to give old floppy disks a new life online…but I was really impressed with some of these ideas and know that just about all of us are capable of doing everything on this list…well except maybe the last one!

  1. A mini-notebook

    The geek in your life is going to love this little protected notebook that is not only made with recycled materials, but is just plain cool. Seriously, how easy does that look? Drill holes, cut paper to size and punch holes, close it up with tip ties and you’re good to go. Perfect for your purse or pocket. Learn how to make it yourself or pick one up on Etsy for $5. (there are many people making these, just search for floppy disk notebook).

  2. Floppy Disk Jewelry

    Now before everyone wants to start sending me their floppy disk jewelry that they made, please let me ask you to refrain from doing so. Yeah, I’m glad these people had a creative idea…but would I wear this? Probably not. Although a belt like this could be pretty cool..or maybe the bracelet. That I might actually wear!
    recycle floppy disks

  3. Floppy Disk Trash Can

    Looking to spruce up your office and keep it clean? What could be better than a trash can made from floppy disks? It really can’t be that hard.

    floppy disk trash can

  4. Floppy Disk Pen Holder

    Everyone and their dog seems to be making these little pen pots, but if you check out GeekGear on Etsy, you will not only find then pen pots but also some cool clocks made from old Nintendo games, hard drives and so on.  Or, if you want to do it yourself, which I imagine would take less than an hour, you can try these instructions, or these.
    reuse floppy disks

  5. The Super Cool Floppy Disk Bag

    I am seriously in love with this idea. Need a new laptop bag or just something to carry your stuff around in? You’re not  going to run into too many other people that have one of these!  Make your own floppy disk bag, or try Install Disk 2 …or buy one online — but let me warn you, they’re not cheap!
    floppy disk recycling

  6. Floppy Disk Laptop Stand

    Alright, this idea is a bit more out there and I’m not really saying I would want a floppy disk laptop stand at home, but I admire the creativity and it might give you an idea for another floppy disk project.
    reuse floppy disks

  7. Floppy Disk Wall Clock

    Now this wall clock, although also kinda out there, is still pretty cool. And it would look awesome in a geek’s office or receptionist area. Obviously it can look even cooler if you use disks with labels or go with different colors, but you could even had the labels yourself as you build it for your own personal design effect.
    reuse floppy disks

  8. Floppy Disk Percussion Instrument

    I have a feeling Stefan is going to want to try building this floppy disk kokiriko when he sees it because there is also a Bavarian instrument like this that he’s been wanting. Now the sound is just a bit different because it’s usually made of wood, but seriously…how cool would you be if you got up with your band and played this?! Ok, yeah, not too cool. But I would still think you’re pretty awesome!

  9. Floppy Disk Art

    Now I know this website is for a floppy disk artist, but I’m telling you that you CAN do this yourself. So many cool ideas in the gallery. And if you’re inclined to let your disks become art, you can also donate your disks here.
    reuse floppy disk

  10. Floppy Disk Sculpture

    Now this floppy disk sculpture, on the other hand, not quite so easy to make yourself. But absolutely cool.floppy disk recycling

So there you have it…10 ways to reuse your old floppies. Have you found other great projects to reuse floppy disks? Would you ever consider doing some of these instead of just tossing out your floppies? How about just sending them in for recycling instead?